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Excel Rocks! By Simon Hurst

Hail the Guitar Hero!When I was a great deal younger, I didn't dream of becoming an accountant. I was more interested in being Keith Richards. Unfortunately in those days there wasn't a vacancy - amazingly there still isn't.

However, there's a part of me that still hankers for the glory of walking out on stage in front of audiences of thousands and launching into a string of power chords.


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nigel's picture

We're all Guitar Heroes now!

nigel | | Permalink

OK Simon, I'll confess to it too. My daughter's boyfriend has left his Guitar Hero guitars and CDs here for a few weeks and I'm working my way through them, it's pretty addictive too isn't it! I can't get past the four fingers at a time level though.

I suspect it's a big seller to accountants. Even Bill Gates is a fan, allegedly.