Feeling hot: where to go wireless for free. By Louise Druce | AccountingWEB

Feeling hot: where to go wireless for free. By Louise Druce

The UK has outstripped the US as the WiFi capital of the world. Louise Druce sets out to find the premier free hotspots.

According to enterprise mobility experts iPass, London now leads the world in offering unparalleled WiFi access; surfers in the Smoke clocked up four times as many visits as their counterparts in the next best placed city, New York.

Airports remain the number one log-on spot for business travellers.


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A very useful article

cbales | | Permalink

Especially the links to Hotspot locator websites. You do have to visit each of them to get an overall picture though, so its worth adding all the URL's to favourites.

Thanks Louise.


kimwilliams.aspects | | Permalink

All this loging in on the move is great.
How do we do it?
We have laptops, we have Dell's Axim, whatever that is, technically.
We have wireless in the home/office.
We have visiting teachers from abroad.
Can they access our wireless. No.
Can we access our wireless with our Dells, No.
What are the addresses and providers and all the technical jargon we just have not got a clue what they mean about?
I have never logged into an internet cafe or whatever because no one seems to be able to tell me how, even though I do take a teenage son with me. I can use a mobile telephone, but cannot text because the thing is set on gobble de gook, and whenever someone else changes the settings to standard it resets itself whenever it is switched off. It is as though I am in a technological time warp. Bought new computer a year ago, but still use old one for e-mails as cannot get them set up on new one.
Do use e-bay and PayPal reasonably successfully and general websites. Do accounts and payrolls and file all on-line, so not totally hopeless.
In desperation wanted to join the Luddites, but couldn't find their website.
Regards, Kim

John Stokdyk's picture

Further sources of information

John Stokdyk | | Permalink


We have heard your plea for help and plan to act on it in the very near future.

In the meantime, you will find An introduction to the wireless internet in our IT Zone archives, plus a range of other material in our Focus on remote working article.

What we don't currently have is a simple introductory guide to wireless networking that explains what equipment you need, how to hook it up to a wireless network and some advice about troubleshooting when it doesn't work as expected.

I will try to remedy that in the next few days.

Kind regards,
John Stokdyk
Technology editor