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KashFlow turns down approach from former Sage chairman

Duane Jackson, the founder of the online Kashflow accounting system, revealed this month that he had turned down a "seven-figure" offer from venture capitalist Michael Jackson, the former Sage chairman who heads Elderstreet Investments.

KashFlow is one of new breed of hosted accounting systems and made the headlines last year as the winner of the online accounting category in the Software Satisfaction Awards 2007.


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Thanks Alan

DuaneJAckson | | Permalink

Thanks Alan, you're a gent. Couldn't have put it better myself.

Richard Holway has also blogged on this topic himself, confessing he was in on it all from the start!

Duane Jackson
Managing Director
KashFlow Accounting Software

Quite right ......

Anonymous | | Permalink

Your Product Plug

axw001 | | Permalink


From your website:

"We constantly monitor the costs/performance of our servers platform and pass on cost savings. As of 23/7/2008 we currently have space on our servers for another 17 companies to use salesorder.com for just £20 a user per month"

Are you really so short of space already?

Again - from your website

"Everything is encrypted We use the strongest encryption products to protect your information. All connections to your salesorder.com display the lock icon in the browser so you know your connection is secure."

I just opened the login page of you site and there is no ssl-certificate associated with the form so submission of a user name and password would be in plain text over the wire, not to mention being vulnerable to a phishing attack since the user cannot verify the authenticity of the login page. It's all very well making noises about security but you do need to actually take some basic precautions....

If you must plug why do it under an article about a competitor unless you have something relevant to say? There are plenty of opportunities to make comments that add value to the readers on AccountingWeb and you can always get a plug in if your product is relevant to the issue.

Alan Wright

[email protected]
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