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Laptop reviews: Lenovo Edge and U100e

Spring is almost here and so is the time for new PCs to arrive on these shores. Fresh from their debuts at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Lenovo’s new 13in ThinkPad Edge and its 11in sibling, the ThinkPad x100e, are now available in Europe.

Low-cost netbooks, typically with 7-10in screens, have been a big hit with the kids in recent years, but these mini-notebooks haven’t made much of a dent in the business market yet. But as a business specialist, Lenovo is definitely rising to the challenge with its new machines.

Lenovo has gone all consumery with the Edge, which features a shiny, flat-profile casing (in black or red), banded with thin, grey plastic trim. The 11.2in x100e is netbook-size, but comes with Windows 7 installed and has enough horsepower to cope comfortably with its demands. Both test machines had AMD processors, a slight compromise on raw performance offset by UK prices starting under £400 for both models.


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