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Microsoft woos accountants

Following the launch last week of Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 in the UK, the company has set its sights on the accounting profession.

Membership of the new Microsoft Professional Accountants’ Network (MPAN) is now open, and the good news is that it’s free and provides accountants with some valuable incentives to start using and recommending the new accounts software:

  • Free unlimited support until


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Free to gain market presence but ......

Anonymous | | Permalink

Free is relative - look at the M$ approach for other software

MPAN (Accountants Club) Membership may initially be free but what about their certification costs

The sting in the tail is that every time M$ release a new version of the software such as Office you need to become certified for the new product and it becomes a never ending cycle

Furthermore if the M$ approach with previous software is a guide, in a year or so they will start setting standards on how the profession should operate - 'The M$ accountants best practice guide'

Guess the question needs to be 'what is the M$ agenda?' and in this respect history tells a story The disappointing thing about this episode is that because of M$ predatory nature it probably induced Intuit to eventually dump an excellent program like Quicken so that they could concentrate on meeting M$ head on - unfortunately the only looser with the M$ antics is the user because a good little program was withdrawn

djcoulter's picture

Too Soon!

djcoulter | | Permalink

It does not appear that this is ready for the UK as the registration pages don't give "United Kingdom" as an option.

US version is setup differently

adrianking | | Permalink

The US version may not include MS Office free - but for an annual sub of $299 you receive a 10-user version of both MS Office and MS Accounts.

Seems like quite a good deal if they offer something similar over here, but meanwhile there can be no complains having one version for free

nigel's picture

Try again - but don't hang aroung

nigel | | Permalink

I think you must have found your way onto the US site by mistake, Deborah. Try the link above again, it certainly worked for me - I downloaded my free software at the weekend and have been happily using my free copy of MS Office 2007 ever since!

I don't know what happened when the software launched in the US, but I see that membership of the MPAN there currently doesn't include a free copy of Office, so this may be a limited offer. I recommend that you get yours now while stocks last!

Tim Robinson's picture

I think Microsoft may have chosen their moment well...

Tim Robinson | | Permalink

As someone who has recommended Sage for the last 15 years I doubt that I will continue to do so. I am fed up with an annual 'upgrade' which makes Sage's accounting program less and less user friendly so I will definitely consider the MS offering, along with others. And you can't ignore any MS product.

squay's picture

MS Office Downloads

squay | | Permalink

worked fine and were free. My first glance at the accounting package made me think I'll stay with TAS as I'm an Accountants' Club Member and have used TAS for 13 years. MS Accounts appears to try and be all things to all people and clicking on payroll required an optional upgrade.

The MS Office Small business Edition 2007 is a welcome upgrade to my old Office 2000. I use all of Digita's applications and they integrate with MS Office nicely.

Thanks MS and thanks to our West Country Practitioner who first alerted me to this freeby.

Free copy of MS Office 2007

Anonymous | | Permalink

This is quite interesting. So the question here is what is stopping one from acquiring a Licenced Free copy of one MS Small Business Office 2007 and MS Office Accounting 2008 after become a member and then dropping out later if it does not seem to be relevant?
Hopefully, the software applications should not stop working after one drops out from the membership?

Any comments/observations?


AnonymousUser | | Permalink

I suspect that the terms and conditions that you will be required to sign will say that the license is valid only whilst you are a member of the MPAN.

The software will still be on your machine and working but will in effect be illegal.