ONLINE SOFTWARE REVIEW: Liberty Accounts. By Nigel Harris | AccountingWEB

ONLINE SOFTWARE REVIEW: Liberty Accounts. By Nigel Harris

Over the coming weeks IT Zone will be reviewing as many online accounting packages as we can lay our hands on - all suggestions will be gratefully received.

To start with we went in search of Easycounting, one of the first online bookkeeping packages marketed specifically to accountants in the UK.


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There's plenty more to come!

nigel | | Permalink

Don't worry, Winweb and Twinfield are scheduled for review shortly. Any other suggestions gratefully received as we want to make this review as comprehensive as possible. Many of these online solutions seem to be know only to a handful of users - if you are using one or know of one please let me know.

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Less bells and whistles!

dialm4accounts | | Permalink

Hi Alan,

I work for a practice - and yes I did look at Liberty as well.

My answer may be somewhat surprising... but I plumped for Winweb because it didn't have as many bells and whistles as Liberty!

As well as online software, we were looking to enhance the portfolio of packages we offer to clients by "plugging the gap" between Sage and More - looking for a simple 3-ledger system without too many frills that might confuse a novice client - and Winweb fitted the bill.

Winweb's being free to clients, and their 24-7 free chat support facility, were also "grabs", as were the range of other business services they offer.

As for feminine curiosity... I thought all women were supposed to be curious - certainly that's what my husband says!!


Thanks Emily

axw001 | | Permalink

Thanks Emily - interesting comments.

We probably need to make it clearer to those using the trial that many of the features can be removed from the client menu to simplify the product. With the useful stuff like payroll, asset ledger, company secretarial etc only available to the partner accountant.

Anyway - good luck with your choice.


Review of Winweb

axw001 | | Permalink

Most of the online products, like Liberty Accounts, offer a free trial experience and I think Winweb is no exception. If you are seriously thinking of using them you really ought to take a look at them yourself because these reviews are not in depth enough to convey much more than a first impression.

Anyway, I too look forward to seeing the reviews of the other online accounting products.


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dialm4accounts | | Permalink

I'm probably not the first to suggest this but I'd really like to see a review of Winweb


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listerramjet | | Permalink

I was taken by the comments about Easycounting. I would be less than happy if I had clients on a system and it "disappeared"! Presumably the Liberty standard contract includes continuity of use if the supplier "disappears"?

feminine curiosity...

axw001 | | Permalink

"feminine curiosity"... how does that differ from masculine curiosity?

I guess like feminine intuition it is the same, but better!

What made you go with Winweb? Did you look at other online products? Are you in practice or doing accounts for a business? I'm interested because I am involved in Liberty Accounts.


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Since we're talking...

dahowlett | | Permalink

Fans of Winweb won't have to wait much longer.

Tomorrow (Friday), I'm having a conversation with Emily which will be podcast out to the adoring millions in cyberspace. Assuming my end o fthe technology works!

More to follow.


woodgate1 | | Permalink

As a user I recommend also looking at Twinfield. With 18,000 current users it is well worth further investigation. The system has been designed and developed from the ground up for use over the Internet and allows project and timesheet posting.

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I already have!

dialm4accounts | | Permalink

Hi Alan,

I have already made good use of Winweb's free trial package - and we've now signed up to use it!

I'm just interested to hear other people's views on it - call it feminine curiosity if you like :-)