Pivot Tip 6 - Use Formulas to create calculated fields. By David Carter

David Carter's series of Five Minute Tips aims to develop your skill at using Excel pivot tables. To test these formating tips for yourself, try them out on your copy of the pivot_practice.xls database.

Using formulas in a pivot table
One of the greatest benefits of Excel is the power to take two numbers and create a third by using a formula. Formulas are also available in pivot tables. However, you have to be extremely careful when using them, as I found out when preparing this tip!


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not possible?

David Carter | | Permalink

I know this can be done with Crystal Cross-Tabs, but right now I don't think it can be done with pivot tables.

This would be a very useful enhancement and we need to put it on the wish-list.


Anonymous | | Permalink

is it possible to show grand totals for rows on the Left hand side of the Individual Row data rather than the Right Hand side?