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Refurbished laptop PCs offer the best bargains

A comparison of laptop PCs carried out by Computing Which? Magazine found that a refurbished Compaq Pressario proved to be the best option for a sub £300 machine. John Stokdyk reports.

Researchers were briefed to find a laptop with a minimum spec of a 233MHz Intel Pentium processor, 64Mb of RAM and a 1.5Gb, all for less than £300.


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shaunmcguinness's picture

I agree with Mike

shaunmcguinness | | Permalink

I have to agree with Mike on this one.

There is no way I would spend my £300 on a second hand unit when there are brand new models on the market for less than £300. If you follow the link to Mike's blog you will see three models as examples. I recently bought one of them and it is a great no frills machine!

Watch spares availability with Dell

Anonymous | | Permalink

In the office where I work a couple of Dell machines required new power supply units (PSUs) as the originals, only a few years old, were adjudged to be unsafe due to cable damage arising from poor design.

Dell were unable to supply replacement PSUs because of in built obsolesence

An independent stockist eventually sourced the required PSUs - at cost of about £100 a time ! A very costly excercise. Independent retailer Aldi have more recently been stocking in limited numbers replacement PSUs - at around £25 each - but when last looked at these they couldn't be used with the Dells because of Dell's unique obsolete design.

£300 for a rubbish spec used laptop must be a joke

Anonymous | | Permalink

64MB of RAM ?
Less than 2GB HDD ?

Such a machine should be costing £50 or less !

To put this in perspective I was recently told that £100 was over the top for a 20GB HDD, 256RAM WinME laptop.

So to pay £300 for a pile of 64MB junk must be a joke !

Better pay a little extra and get a brand new warrantied machine.

Which? planet are they on

Brian Gooch | | Permalink

Agree with previous commments, the specification, if not the whole report, must have slipped through a time warp. I bought a much better spec, new, laptop than that a year ago for under £300.

That's about the spec of the desktop we bought about 10 years ago!

Not sure how they can make generalisations about purchases through ebay or classified ads in respect of software licences & the like - what you get will vary radically between sellers.

A mass of new much better spec equipment for less than £100 more

cbales | | Permalink

Many well known vendors are selling brand new fully guaranteed machines for less than £400, including VAT, with much better specs than that.
Our recent purchase laptop spec includes AMD Athlon duo processor, 1 Gb RAM and 120 Gb harddrive and is performing very well. The supplier was BT Shop.
So why would I want to spend £300 on a refurbished machine boasting a fraction of that?