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Review: Online accounting with KashFlow

With more and more online accounting solutions coming on stream this year, Nigel Harris revisited a service with a couple of years on the clock.

Managing director Duane Jackson set up KashFlow Software Limited in February 2006 when The Rt Hon Lord Young of Graffham, a former Secretary of State for Trade & Industry and ex Chairman of Cable and Wireless, and now the company’s chairman, invested in the KashFlow product. The company has received two rounds of venture capital funding from Lord Young.


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VAT Reconciliation & Online Filing

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"the user can over-ride the system and enter transactions in the earlier period, and these will not be picked up on the next Return"

KashFlow now has full VAT reconciliation and online filing of VAT100 and VAT101. All HMRC approved.

There have been a number of significant changes since this review, all listed at

For instance, there is now seamless integration with PayPal. KashFlow is currently the only accounting software that is PayPal certified.

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Locking Transactions

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Thanks for taking the time to review the software, Nigel.

Just to clarify - with transaction locking, if you are a member of our Partner Programme then you can lock trasactions on an account prior to a certain date and set an option so that the client CAN'T unlock.

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sales invoicing

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have you given users some customization of layouts yet?