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Sage 50 Accounts 2010 previewed

Next month, Sage will start shipping the latest version of its flagship application, Sage 50 2010. John Stokdyk takes a quick look at what’s on offer.

The annual Sage 50 upgrade launch is a big production number, as it should be given the key role the application still plays within the company’s global product portfolio.


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abelljms's picture

Sage slime 50xxx

abelljms | | Permalink

Sadly they have not moved in to the real world :-

1. it still does not produce all standard reports in date order by default, on both screen and printed

2. they still have not dropped the stupid 3-column sales/purchase ledger display

3. they have still not made 100% of entries amendable/deletable

4. not stopped saving reports generated by default in the Programme folder

5. not stopped saving reports by default in Sage .srd format instead of .csv which we all use

6. they have not fixed the irritating idiosyncratic scrolling function


etc.... despite Sage allegedly “getting under the skin of our customers by getting out and listening, and listening to their sales and support calls” – if only they actually did instead of saying it. And of course I would return as a customer if their pricing model returned to the price point that small businesses will pay - £300 for the product, multi-user, and on-going annual fee for support, and upgrades of £150-200.

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i have always bee3n surprised at how bad the bank rec applicatio

carnmores | | Permalink

lets hope that this brings a huge improvement

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Hearts007 | | Permalink

Sage continue to produce new versions of sage packages. The problem with them is that
there prices packages are too expensive and they never seem to address this problem. Their
pricing policy with sage accounts production was way out of line and consequently punters are
moving to other companies that are more competitive.
It is a wonder sage are still on the go under the current recession

elansea's picture

Sage 2010 update

elansea | | Permalink

If Sage really listened to its customers, who include my clients, then they would stop producing so many "upgrades" and merely enhance existing versions under their already expensive annual maintenance contracts.
They would allow reports to be produced without always having to rekey the same periods and they would sort out their previous year balance sheet discrepancies where entries are made in a subsequent year.
They might also give their customers a geographic landline number so that they no longer profit from their inefficiencies.
And pigs might one day fly.............


Yonder Dave | | Permalink

John has hit the nail on the head in his second to last paragraph.

I have been on to Sage for years about a multi-co version of Sage Instant for SME's and bookkeepers. Sage 50 is too expensive for start-ups and larger companies are getting hacked off with the annual upgrade, especially when paying for something they don't need.

Unfortunately in the past year my new clients have gone for either QuickBooks or Microsoft OAE which I would prefer to avoid.

Sage have missed a trick, as I keep telling them, because by ignoring start-up businesses they miss the chance for an upgrade when a company grows. Once hooked compainies don't like changing their software (or their bank, or their accountant!). I give a big discount in the first 6 months to be competative with unregistered bookkeepers and I have never has a client leave when the full rate clicks in.

What is needed is a cheap basic package with nominal, sales and purchase ledgers and the option of purchasing addional companies, users and modules such as stock, quotations, etc. Anyone know one like that?

Sage 50 2010

Anonymous | | Permalink

Yup - Interprise Suite - free at single user level.

abelljms's picture

accts package

abelljms | | Permalink

have you tried Visual Transaction - it is brilliant for small businesses

Bob Bishop's picture

bank reconciliation

Bob Bishop | | Permalink

I could not agree more. Although the bank reconciliation module, going back to very first Line 50, and financial controller (DOS) were good, useful functions, the defects were first and foremost that you could not print out the bank reconciliation as displayed on the screen. Could be done indirectly by exporting outstanding transactions to excel and then keying in bank statement balances and sage (book) balance. But fiddly and ought to be unnecessary.

Even 2009 version not fully addressed this issue.

R Bishop.


Interprise Suite - beware

blackwellm | | Permalink

Last time I looked (at a presentation) it's NOT multi-company and they weren't going to fix that sometime soon.
So, useless for accountants and bookkeepers, not bad for mid-level companies but there is a lot of competition in that market.

Sage 50 (as we should now call it)

the_fishmonger | | Permalink

To be fair, if you actually know how to use Sage, it's superb. The problem is 95% of users haven't a clue and stumble along deleting entries willy-knilly, posting in any year that takes their fancy or post in other unusual (ingenious?) ways.

The biggest operational issues with Sage 50 are to do with reinvention of wheels - their resolute disregard for using standard windows shortcut keys, cursor navigation in reports and that god-forsaken typeface - Times New Roman. The latter two points worked up to version 11 (as they used to call them). Oddly enough, the fanfare about editing reports neglects the historical versions where a double click could do the trick while in a report!

Comments from others at CPD events (and on this thread), suggest that most consider that Sage has forgotten it's original raison d'être - startup out of the box solutions - and now tries to be all things to all men/women and beasties at a cost to suit.

If Sage were to return to it's roots and make the product more conformist, I still doubt that many would like the package. However, the dislike/errors are more down to accountants not giving suitable guidance to clients and those book-keepers who know how to switch it on and believe they know everything!

Ho hum

Cath_Sage's picture

thanks for the feedback

Cath_Sage | | Permalink

Hi all

Firstly, thanks to everyone for all the feedback. I’ve just had a catch up with our Sage 50 Accounts product manager and we’d be really grateful if anyone that has contributed a comment gets in touch with us to provide more detail.

I know that we’re looking into all the features around “banking” within Sage 50 Accounts, so it’s particularly useful to hear your feedback around the bank reconciliation functionality. We’ve also made improvements around reporting, and would welcome more feedback around this too.

This is the sort of feedback that helps us to develop features that meet your needs, so if you’ve got five minutes spare drop me an email and I can put you in touch with our development team.

My email address is [email protected] and if I’m on holiday contact Lisa Graveling [email protected]


Cath Sheldon
Sage (UK) Ltd