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Sage reports “successful” switch to iXBRL

Despite a mixed response to the mandatory switch to iXBRL for online filing, Sage has announced this week that it has helped its customers navigate the change successfully.

Sage customers have reported back that “by and large iXBRL is under control” with more than 1,500 accounts production users downloading the new iXBRL version within the first five days of launching.

According to the company many have already used the software to file CT returns and accompanying final accounts in iXBRL format.


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Witch-Queen's picture

Re: Sage reports “successful” switch to iXBRL

Witch-Queen | | Permalink

I agree, I sucessfully filed CT returns in March using Sage Corporation Tax software and Sage Accounts Production, with no problems at all

-- Witch-Queen

Annetax's picture

Mixed feelings about Sage 'support'

Annetax | | Permalink

We were ready with the CT side, but not having the Sage iXBRL accounts update available sooner was definitely an issue.

In fact, we hit far less than 50% success rate with our first few filings, although this is improving largely because we know how to work around the problems (as opposed to not having them in the first place).

We attended a Sage presentation on iXBRL which proved to be little more than a promo for their Cloud software. So not over impressed with the level of Sage support during the changeover personally!