Social networking: Who are the professional Arctic Monkeys and where are they playing?

Reach out across the netIn recent weeks AccountingWEB members have debated the merits of social networking for finance professionals. John Stokdyk sifts through the discussion to find out about the possibilities and pitfalls from accountants who have been networking online.

Pop acts such as Lilly Allen, Sandi Thom and the Arctic Monkeys have built significant followings on websites such as MySpace and Facebook, but are there equivalent options for accountants and other business professionals?


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Well written

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

A thoroughly researched and very well written article.

We broke our 1,000th member point today and we are getting some great feedback from our users on the business our site is nettting them. And that's the point -- online business networking isn't just about virtual handshakes and your net reputation, it's about doing real business. That should be any participant's goal, with the other stuff seen as useful contributors to that goal. Just like offline business in fact.

Readers can feel very welcome to come and connect with me through our site and I will help them however I am able. You can view and connect through my profile at .

Ian Hendry