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Software awards signal rise of the SaaS generation

Software Satisfaction Awards 2008Having recovered from the excitement of the Software Satisfaction Awards 2008 ceremony, John Stokdyk looks at the big industry trend that emerged during the evening.

Some of the winners in the Software Satisfaction Awards didn't exist when the scheme first started in 2006, but the successes of software as a service (SaaS) providers this year demonstrated that a new generation of business systems has


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before 3 years ....

Anonymous | | Permalink

Only 3 years - how about those starting in 2001 & prior which many did.

What about those who had the belief to invest in development at that time? Surely they deserve a mention because they had the vision and took the 'marketing hit/lag' which subsequently allowed followers to enjoy a more mature market

dahowlett's picture


dahowlett | | Permalink

@john: there is nothing more satisfying than to be told that you're talking nonsense and then to read that you were right all along. This story validates my position the last three years. If you're at the AA awards this year, you can buy me a beer.