SOFTWARE FEATURE: What ever happened to TAS Books? By John Stokdyk | AccountingWEB

SOFTWARE FEATURE: What ever happened to TAS Books? By John Stokdyk

"It has been a little quiet since the 2001 acquisition," admitted TAS software chief Greg Ford as we chatted in the atrium of Sage's citadel on the north side of Newcastle. But all the rumours that Sage was going to sweep up the TAS customer base and pension off the software were way off the mark, he stressed.

Quietly, without much fuss, the business has been growing.


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TAS Products

BdHathi | | Permalink

A Brilliant product, far outshines all its rivals. The accounting software is well deisgned, the ability to drill down and correct errors is so fab that i am surprised others have not copied it.

Payroll is also of the same high standar.

Support is great and you get a dedicated business manager all for a really good price.

would never move to anything else!

Euan MacLennan's picture

TAS Books

Euan MacLennan | | Permalink

Thank you for explaining why TAS Books is the only acquisition made by Sage where it has not absorbed the former competitor, cherry-picked its products, re-branded them as Sage and charged double the money. The only problem with the hands off approach is that you have to pay twice to belong to the separate accountants clubs.

It is revealing that TAS Books is popular with bookkeepers and accountants. Could that be because they are experts who recognise it as a superior accounting product to Sage Line 50? It is easier to use, updates everything instantly, has excellent drill-down functions, gives unrestricted access to previous years and because you can change almost every detail of a transaction, you do not end up with an audit trail of errors and attempted corrections. It prints invoices, etc., using Word templates so they are fully customisable. It has the standard ledger structure. The program is stable and despite Sage's influence, TAS is still fairly cheap and they do not bring out unnecessary updates quite so often.

The mystery is that Sage has not utilised TAS's superior operating features into its Line 50 product.

re: ODBC for TAS (SDK)

Anonymous | | Permalink

You can now interrogate TAS through excel...without shelling out for the hugely expensive developer kit. A new kit has recently been released by us at a fraction of the cost of the first one - and it's a lot easier to use than ODBC because you don't need detailed knowledge of the underlying business rules.

For more information, just go to the TAS Software website (, Products menu and see the item 'Software Development Kit (SDK)' or go directly to


AnonymousUser | | Permalink

What we'd really like to see is the release of the data defintion files so we can interogate TAS through excel...without shelling out for the hugely expensive developer kit.