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Suppliers warn of BACSTEL-IP migration bottlenecks

More than 10,000 companies have just over two months left to move their electronic payment systems from EDI-based links to the new internet-based BACSTEL-IP payment infrastructure.

In December, the old BACSTEL system will be taken out of service. At the recent Softworld Accounting & Finance event, Georgia Leybourne of Albany software warned of migration bottlenecks as more than a third of BACS users had not yet made the transition.

"It's over two years since BACS announced the migration to the new technology, BACSTEL-IP, and only 60% of businesses are ready.


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cost could be the reason

rasmith | | Permalink

We have reveiwed the software options available for switiching to BACSTEL-IP from BACS and it is too expensive.

The cost appears to run up to several £'000's for very few obvious benefits.

Could this be the reason many business aren't migrating and are instead finding an alternative solution?