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Techno-rant: Forget Second Life - give me some reality!

Posted on 27 February by John Stokdyk
As technology editor for a collection of websites, I work in an IT-intensive environment. The home-office I inhabit has three computers hooked into the net via a router. But I began to resent the intrusion of tech into my life when a relaxed stroll down to the train station turned into a mad rush thanks to the Batman-like electronic utility pack I needed to collect and prepare. My jaunt to suburban Surrey required: wireless-equipped laptop, 64Mb USB memory stick, Nokkia mobile phone and a 1Gb iPod Shuffle for entertainment along the way.


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Such time consuming gobbledygook

Anonymous | | Permalink

Having found it necessary to use varous software - including an account system, I couldn't agree more with Dennis' comments. One of these days when I say "my computer's gone down" it will mean out of the window and on downwards!

After tearing my hair out on and off for years, I found myself in the amazing position of co-writing a User Guide for the Four Four Time Logging software written by my husband. As a "thick user" I sharply questioned "What do you mean by that?" - until it all made sense to me - and I hope to our customers. Why waste time saving time - our USP is SIMPLICITY?

So - why don't these people employ a "thick user",who has the misfortune to be a slave to the system, to sort it for their unfortunate users. Simple really - why didn't they think of it?

Jill Spiers


chas01 | | Permalink

We love TAS Books.

Even after their takeover by S... you know who.

For years we have networked 'peer to peer' Tas Books 2, 3 and Payroll perfectly well. Now with Payroll version 6 the software demands a separate server. We have unloaded it determined not to upgrade, but today learned the code to move us into 2007/08 will also move us into Version 6!

Why oh why do they have to spoil things?

Charles Stringer