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Tools and techniques to help your business survive the recession

Buddy, can you lend a hand?Rather than rehashing well known business clichés, technology editor John Stokdyk seeks out suggestions from business and technology experts about specific tools and techniques for running a tighter ship during hard times.

In common with many other business advisers, the Federation for Small Business and finance consultants ASC recently published some tips for dealing with the recession.

Like many such lists, the advice included several of the standard business clichés including:

  • Focus on your


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internet fax

valentinee | | Permalink

It's very convenient to use an internet fax service instead of the fax machine. It needs just the internet connection, and there are no more money spent for paper, toner or repair affairs. I use and it's wonderful for me.


Anonymous | | Permalink

I agree, why buy excel with it's "premium" content that many struggle to find a use for, when you can use for your everyday needs.

Talk to the bank

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

In these times of tough credit, maintain a regular dialogue with your bank. Many of those who have left it late to discuss renewal terms are finding themselves in a critical situation as the banks' lending criteria harden.

John Stokdyk's picture

Article corrected

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Thank you for alerting readers (and me) to the error, Mark. With all the consolidation that has taken place, I should have checked more carefully before trying to guess who bought Business Objects (and ALG, the company I was thinking of). I was bound to get it wrong.

Wrist has been slapped - and I'm planning to follow this up to solicit some more detailed information about ABC software and techniques for a future article.

Apologies to all concerned.
John Stokdyk
Technology editor


Martyn.Shiner | | Permalink

Tools and techniques to help your business survive the recession

Use free and open source software and avoid the Microsoft tax (currently 15-20% on UMPCs)