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Virus Alert: Data files under threat from 'Kama Sutra' worm

It goes under a variety of names - W32Blackmail (Symantec), Nyxem.e (F-Secure), [email protected] (McAfee) and more lurid nicknames including Kama Sutra and Blackworm - which might explain why the latest worm infection appears to be spreading rapidly.

Unprotected users are warned that they could lose many of their data files and may be forced to rebuild their systems if infected.

First identified by Sophos on 16 January, the infection arrives in an attachment carried by an email message claiming


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Credit due to James Pearce

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

James brought the "Grew" worm to our attention in an Any Answers posting on Thursday.

We'd just started to pick up news about its spread, but he posted his warning first.

This is a race where it doesn't matter who wins. Every extra warning or bit of advice might help other users avoid an unpleasant and costly infection, so thanks a lot for alerting us James!

John Stokdyk
Technology editor