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You will soon have to limber up, flex your number crunching muscles, get on your marks, and sprint the self assessment marathon.

Hi Everyone


For those out there in practices where staff are evaluated with KPIs, what KPIs do you use to measure staff performance, either senior or junior staff, and what software do you use for this?


has anyone implemented an app linking into gmail and google calendar to visualise tasks and deadlines?


Online expenses management provider webexpenses has announced a deal to integrate its software with online accounting platform Xero.

I took on a client earlier who was setting up on his own as a consultant. 

No problems with all that.


Hi All, 

I currently work as an apps specialist/software engineer - I have been in IT for 10 years. I'm looking for a new career, one with lots of opportunities and scope. 


Watches used to be used solely to tell the time. Now, wearable technology has made the humble watch far more dynamic than simply informing someone whether or not they’re late for a meeting.


On 6 October the European Court of Justice nullified the EU-US Safe Harbor agreement which governed the storage of European data in the US since 2000.