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I have  a query regarding Entrepreneur's relief.



Can he still claim entrepreneurs relief? Their business is closing down when shop is sold. I assume that by reinvesting proceedings in a rental property that they cannot claim roll over relief?


I am looking for a Cloud EPOS Solution.

its a general purpose retailer, 2,000+ products.

Mixture of small, bulky and weighed items. (no requirement to link scales with till)

Have just started using this and have a number of issues which suggest to me that the audit exempt package available through Iris openaudit is not what you would describe as a mature product.


I can't be the only person having this problem on here.

Small accountancy practice, ran by myself, working from home with a laptop.


We are currently undergoing a review of our processes and it is the partners intentions of going paperless.


Hi there

Is anyone else having problems submitting RTI returns?

Also not allowing me to log-on to the Government Gateway using both ours and a clients login details


I'm going for a job interview on Thursday.  The last one I went for was in 1989, so it's been a while and things have changed, no doubt.

Has anyone got any tips ?


We have just started to use outlook tasks for certain key things i.e. if we want to assign an important job outside the normal workflow.