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I know this is an accounting forum but am interested as to how solicitors reference their correspondence.


Going to work as the financial controller for a whisky company would be a dream come true for many accountants, but when Laura Cummings joined the The


Hi everyone, 

We're looking to speak to Bristol practices who are interested in taking part in a digital marketing focus group next week in Bristol. 

Have a client using Sage v16.

I'm considering travelling to Accountex this year, would be interested to get feedback from others and whether it would be a worthwhile trip.


We get loads of emails offering to help either build a website or help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but we are very sceptical of these offers.



I used to use the HMRC Basic Tools to produce P11Ds, until HMRC basically broke the program a couple of years ago.  To my knowledge, they've yet to fix it (though perhaps someone could advise me if


We are about to undergo an extensive server upgrade, and in doing so are considering whether to stick with desk based office, or move to office 365 so that we are always running the latest software


Does anyone on here subscribe to the Morning Account?

I keep getting emailed free editions which last for a week or so.