David H Ringstrom explores some of the quirks of the most popular Excel function: SUM. 

Most Excel users use the SUM function to sum a single range, such as =SUM(B2:B8).


London-based venture capitalist Apax Partners has agreed a deal to


One of my new client have 6 off license nisa local shops all are incorporated under a single company.


What is the best/easiest way to set up a Holding Company in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man? What costs are involved (initial and ongoing)and what are the advantages of doing this?


If the company is proposed to be struck off and status showing at companies house is "Active - Proposal to Strike off", hence I am not sure whether annual return  still need to be filed.


I've been through this before but really need some help.


With your help, AccountingWEB is preparing to tackle the thorny issue of IR35 in a campaign supported by FreeAgent and other concerned specialists within the


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Can anyone recommend a reputable accounts payable outsourcing company.


We have been approached by an individual who has outstanding vat returns. The client has very limited information to construct the return. He hasnt kept any of the invoices he has issued.


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We have just taken on a client who runs a children's private nursery.

Some employees are only contracted to work during term time ie 43 weeks per year.