During the past year HMRC’s agent online self serve (AOSS) initiative has been an elusive part of the tax department’s digital strategy, but accountants will get

I have a client who is just setting up a retail business.It's going to be relatively complex in terms of VAT due to:

All stock is bought from the US


While filling the corporation tax returns, I am finding following errors can anyone please help: 


Hi all,

We've always used IRIS PAYEmaster but our contract runs out imminently. No clients have yet had to deal with Autoenrolment but will from next April 2015.


Sorry to inflict such a disturbing mental image on you first thing on a Wednesday morning, but the ubiquitous web search/everything giant and the world’s big



I cannot get the 'Order No' field to print on any stationary, choosing any of the standard supplied templates do not work either, the variable is:


Hi folks

My client manufactures their product in China and imports to distribution centres in Los Angeles and in the UK. They want to use an onlin stock system to track and record:




Will appreciate if someone help me. please

What is Flat rate Vat rate for CAR WASH  business


Just spoke to sage about my ongoing issue with payments on account for VAT when using various computer software (Xero fro eg).


Has anyone experience with this, how does it compare with other cloud based solutions?