HMRC has launched new online learning resources for accountants, providing tips and advice on penalties for inaccuracies and failure to exercise reasonable care.


If you intend to make a distribution under CTA 2010 s1030A (assuming all criteria are met) do you have to notify HMRC of what you are doing?


Since moving over to my hosted desktop there is one issue which is bothering me

Moneysoft Payroll keeps crashing

It has been re-installed but with the same issues


Dear Members

Having inherited a set of accounts from another bookkeeper on the company I now work for, I found the nominal accounts (on Sage Line 50) in a real mess!


Dear All

Currently working for two businesses, both of which are using Sage Line 50.


One of my clients has set up their Sage instant accounts with some opening balances.

From the nominal screen everything looks fine.

Everything is fine in the COA.


Would a property investment company who incurred costs of loan arrangement fees have to treat these loan costs as a non trade loan relationship debit? Little rusty with NTLR