One of my clients has set up their Sage instant accounts with some opening balances.

From the nominal screen everything looks fine.

Everything is fine in the COA.


Would a property investment company who incurred costs of loan arrangement fees have to treat these loan costs as a non trade loan relationship debit? Little rusty with NTLR


I have been running Sage Instant Accounts Version 10 for nearly 10 years (I know!) with no problem. I am currently running Windows 7 Pro (32-bit) and am connected to a domain.


Hello, Ive upgraded pc to a mac from windows. I was using VT workbooks but cannot use this on mac.


Do any other RedSky users have any thoughts on the email notifying us of changes to their online support services?


Im thinking of starting a practice but i have no idea where to start on getting clients. Im ACA and im particularly interested in tax and accouting servicesAny ideas out there will be welcome?


My client has a rapidly growing business in managing holiday lettings of properties for property owners who want no involvement in the process themselves.


My Client has an Italian passport but is based in Israel. Would he be entitled to a personal allowance ?

He is a director of a UK Limited company and want to pay him a small Salary



I'm using Sage Instant account and i will need to display total % discount for each invoice.

For some reason Sage wont let me apply total % discount to the invoices i create.