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Hi there! We are a small practice currently using PTP for the preparation of our clients SA100's and CT600's.


Good morning and a fine Monday to you all. Here’s your morning update.

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Taxman to migrate to the cloud


My client bought a fixed asset from an EU coutnry (special vehicle for selling coffee& tea on street). The vehicle was assemled in the EU country and he collected it himself.



Can anyone point me to a source of guidance for accounting and spreadsheet modelling for commercial property management companies and SPVs.


Resoundingly, the results of our straw poll was 'check Facebook'. Shameful, I know. I was wondering what your morning routine is? Do any of you remotely check on your practice first thing?


Man kind make life difficult for them self's , we are in a world were everything is in control , i once lived a life of poverty, but now i enjoy all good things of life, am rich , famous and powerf



I'm wanting a formula please that would show the figure in a column based on criteria of the next column. I'll try to explain by an example: -



A new analytical performance dashboard led the way in a burst of announcements setting out the next phase in New Zealand-based Xero’s strategy to gain the upper hand in the global cloud accounting


We are at a point where our IT infrastructure is due for renewal, Iris have suggested their cloud based solution - Iris Open Hosting whereby we longer need our servers as all our data will be hoste