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We want to find out what you do and don’t like about cloud accounting software. 

As such we're doing some editorial research into this and need some members to volunteer their thoughts! 


I have a friend who came to UK from the US in the early 80s.  She has worked as a Law professor in the UK and has not worked in the US since arriving in the UK.  She is about to inherit a large sum


We currently use Iris, but with the impending hike in price when we go into AE we are looking again.


I recently met a client with Sage Instant Accounts version 20 on his desktop.


We are a Small, family property renovation and development Company

 We normally buy property and renovate them and sell them into the market after renovation


Our Sage 50 really needs an update but I see they too have gone to the cloud.  Is there any desktop software left that has a half decent stock control option?  All the "old favourites" seem to have




i already know air travel is vat exempt but i was wondering if anyone knows of any tax deductions were we can reclaim the cost of the airfare which is for business use.


We are a very small organisation and use Sage Instant Payroll.


I've a sole trader client who I only see once a year in April, produce his accounts and file his return. I have a set fee that I charge him.


I currently use sage for processing 6 payrolls for around 200 hourly paid bar staff.