Like many Awebbers I am a one man band.

I just wondered how you other guys got around holidays.

Mrs G has managed to get 3 weeks of the summer holidays off and is expecting


Making sense of huge amounts of data churned out by computer systems and captured from the internet is a challenge for businesses and public-sector organi


Boy and girl have same birth dates ie day and year

They were born in the same hospital

What are the odds on this happening?


Hi All, 

I am currently self employed and have one one rental property. This year I have to complete my self assessment to process my tax. 


Hi all,

We have a client who we used to run a director only payroll for.

The director salary ceased at the end of 13/14.

Going forward there is CIS but no CIS suffered.


Like nature, the software industry abhors a vacuum. And start-up companies are continuing to come to market to challenge established practice software suppliers with cloud-based systems.


Does anyone use dropbox (or similar) in their business ?

I see that drop box have a paid service of $15 per month for business.


As a fairly non technical person I invest a great deal of trust in my IT company to advise me on things I should consider. Unfortunately, they haven't been advising me properly on emails.


Dear Friends




I have recielntly installed Sage 50 Accounts PRofessional and want to set supplier accounts to the currency they trade in.