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A little different to my usual (occasionally numptyesque) tax questions - I've been asked to do a little low level reconnaissance on a new ERP system.


I know the floods aren't funny to those involved but the A-Web news item below made me smile.

"Government pledges funds to support flood affected


After looking into some of the more sophisticated reporting and analysis tools in Excel 2013, Simon Hurst goes back to basics with a tutorial on the spreadsheet program’s enhanced charting feat

We use IRIS software as a payroll bureau.

We are running into problems around the dates given on the weekly payslips.


David H Ringstrom returns to the scene of one of his more popular posts to pick out the second and successive instances of duplicate values in an Excel list.

I have been with IRIS for almost 10 years now and am deciding to look at other options completely away from IRIS due to continually increasing costs and lack of support/service only to be told that


I have a UK based client who is in the process of starting a company in Belgium and we are looking for a software package to run a full Euro accounting system, but one which will account for the VA

Does anyone have experience using Qtac Bureau in a hosted environment and emailing payslips?


I am trying to find some extra software that I can use on a laptop during client visits to make understanding the management accounts much easier for the client.