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We are at a point where our IT infrastructure is due for renewal, Iris have suggested their cloud based solution - Iris Open Hosting whereby we longer need our servers as all our data will be hoste


We have been in a rental property for 18 months and despite frequent requests from us to the landlord still no lease. Where do I stand legally.

A client has sold 5.9 acres of surplus land which he bought with his house in 2003. He bought his house In April 2003, including 7.5 acres of land, for £190,000.


Hi all,

At the moment I have a client who:


Hi there, ladies and gents of Aweb. We're in the process of planning a member meet up this October.


Is being replaced by a subscription model. Or at least that was what I was told when I phoned Sage on Monday to discuss the number of licences I will need going forward.


I have been approached by a small social club to help them sort out their corporation tax which they have fallen behind on.


OK, so I'm really sorry for asking an obviously not accountancy related question, but we're pretty desperate!



Individual has been offered a £5,000 rise, he doesn't live in London but rents a room there Mon-Fri. What would be the best way to receive this?


Can I ask Virtual Cabinet users, are you happy with the software and with Lindenhouse?

I've done a search and can't find any other recent posts (after 2012) on the subject.