The Solutions 14 conference in Las Vegas last week provided a suitable setting last week to assess the form of the three big global cloud accounting players.


Yesterday I had the complaints department of HMRC Bootle on the phone. Apparently the previous accountant had done the payroll of a client under the wrong reference number.


I would like to get copies of returns and other documents sent by my accountant to HMRC.  Is there a set method of going about this or not?  

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Following on from a Friends of auto enrolment meeting I recently attended in Bristol, it got me thinking about how clients have reacted when accountants approached them regarding auto enrolment.


A supplier has been paid personally by the director. Normally you would Dr Trade creditors and Cr Directors loan account


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my company have issued shares to employees with performance option and vesting period attached to them .


Where does the time go, wonders Simon Hurst in this exploration of the futility that often surrounds use of Microsoft’s so-called “productivity suite”.


I'm investigating a few options around training staff but using flexible, online courses, so an external provider. 


HMRC has said that the reason some of its GOV.UK content "does not yet fully meet the needs of specialist users" is due to the transition not yet being complete.