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Advanced Business Solutions has expanded the capabilities of its Exchequer mid-market accounting system with

A new hosted desktop provider has opened its doors to the accountancy marketplace.


I am trying to find a simple web based order system.

Something that will allow a client to display a list of products. Similar to a sreadsheet in layout.

Unless I am missing something it occurs to me that there is a fundamental flaw in the Sage backup prompt. It only prompts for and executes a backup for the current company.


We've been needing a new system for a while now. Our business is £2m t/o, it's a leisure centre which is the parent company, with a hotel as a trading subsidiary.


I have made a mistake on inputting something on Sage so I have used my restore backup from my backup file.  This came up with Error Creating File C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Accounts\AccData\Deskto


I am trustee for a small charity which gets all its income from donations and a few grants.


We are looking for an client management system that can be used for marketing, workflow management, time recording and fee invoice generation which integrates with a document management system.