I have been asked if I know of a facility that allows accountants to send clients a tailored personal tax return completion checklist that they can complete and return online. 


The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has revealed homeware specialist Dunelm Soft Furnishings underpaid its initial auto enrolment contributions by £143,000 as a result of


Simon Hurst turns his attention to standard Excel functions such as SUMIF and SUMPRODUCT that make it easier to produce summary totals.

Hi all,

I sold a second property last year and am a bit confused about what to do with regards to capital gains tax.


HMRC's Online services have been given a makeover ahead of their migration to the GOV.UK website. 


I just wanted to check that the forms to action a share for share exchange would be.


A company surrenders a short term lease (less than 50 years) for which a sum of £200K is paid by the landlord:

Is the £200K treated as capital or revenue income?

4’s US tech editor-at-large David H Ringstrom has a few reservations about Microsoft’s spreadsheet migration to its big rival’s phone and tablet op


David Ringstrom says that building complex spreadsheets without using VLOOKUP is like putting a screw in the wall with a hammer.

Out of interest, If I as an accountant send Receipt Bank a big pile of receipts that are potentially a mixture of expenditure paid from cash, paid personally from the sole proprietor or paid for fr