Have A client who is taking on a used car lot, anticipates selling 1000 cars per year.

Can anyone recommend any decent software that will deal with stock and margin scheme


Social media is like anything in life - you get out of it what you put into it. There are so many sites out there though, that it can be difficult for an accountant to know where to st


We have run year end on Sage 200, however we have discovered that a credit note for a fee hasn't been posted on the Sales Ledger.

I'm trying to choose a new software package for a new employer. He operates in property management, building and investment - currently as 3 departments of one limited company.


I have a client whose dad does his payroll for his one man company. (the dad is 84).

the manual P11 maintained by the dad is spot on.


I'm interested in hearing how people prepare their accounts now days? I have always prepared my accounts using a manual extended trial balance (USING PAPER AND A PEN)?


Not used Sage 50 for years but need to use it at a client's premises. Got the manual and mrme89 has pointed out a cheap training course, but I would like to get hands-on practice.


I attended the Digita Annual Conference in Canary Wharf which was a one day event with an earlier similar event in Leeds.

Some interesting new products demonstrated.


In a week when Benfica of Lisbon were hoping to win their first continental football trophy since 1962 by winning the Europa League final, Sage had its own importa

I have recently done the accounts for CIC, and because of their not for profit status , I cannot use the CT600 software provided by HMRC ,So I need software that produces the format in iXBRL format