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Hi there

Does anyone know if its possible to do some kind of mail merge with echosign?


Hi all,

I am doing a bank reconciliation in Sage50, but having a bit of a problem.


Have a new start up client who just submitted his first VAT return showing a reasonable refund to recover



Are all legal firms regulated by the SRA? A potential client of mine states they are not regulated by the SRA. They don't call themselves 'solicitors' but provide legal services.

I know it didnt cross George O's mind to even think of asking us before he made his announcement (thats coming later apparently) but does anyone have a view of the practicalities with regard to fut


The inevitability of change within the accountancy profession has become common currency, but several observers at the Accountex event in London last week voiced surprise at just how quickly practi


Our client will be non-resident for 2015/16. He is liquidating his UK company and, as I understand it, given his non-resident status, will not be required to pay UK CGT.