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I'm having a problem understanding precisely how Xero reports work in relation to sales (and I'm an accountant!!).


Can anyone explain the tax rate between 120,000-100,000 I know it is 40 % higher rate band but in between these amounts personal allowances is reduce by Pound1 for 2 pounds .


I believe there was an article a while back about the payers in the cloud accounts arena, does anyone have a link?


I have been working in the accounting profession for many years now, and most partners, supervisors that I have worked under have tried to embed in me that we sell time; now I have never fully beli


Does anybody have knowlege of tratment of IP addresses for depreciation purposes. If we capitalise the cost of buying say 8000.00 IP addresses do we havre to depreciate them ?


I would like to switch from our current paper-based purchase order (PO) process to a cloud (& mobile) package.


A new customer has asked me if we encrypt our business email and suggested using PGP (or Pretty Good Privacy).

Do any other accountants in practice do this ?