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Morning everyone. Looking into what the finance department of five years’ time might look like.


This is the first in a series of two articles on the future of the finance department in association with Sage Live.


In 2015/16 tax year, if the husband has a salary of £30k and the wife has only dividend income of £30k can the wife elect to transfer part of the personal tax allowance to husband?



A customer has set up a limited company and will be buying properties to renovate and sell at a profit.


Just wondering how people are finding this programme? How does it compare to other products in the market?


Trying to get a poll on how users feel about the Drummohr software after having converted to the cloud.

Please rate between:

1 not fit for purpose



I have received the following message when submitting abbreviated accounts to Companies House using VT.

9999 Unable to save submission XML etc etc


looking for an alternative to an excel spreadsheet which is has a copy created every week and records:

- each subbie and their pay rate

- the project they are on (one or more)


Hi All

I suspect that P11d's aren't likely to be around for too much longer, but alas they're not gone yet!


I was about to send FPS for month ending May 5, 2016, but by mistake sent an additional FPS for month ending April 5, 2016. I had already sent an EPS with final submission indicator.