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“If it wasn’t for the technology we couldn’t do this,” Mark Cottle concedes.

I have a construction client who came to me already using Kashflow.

The driver behind the choice was that have CIS to deal with on both income and Subbies used so felt that Kashflow 


Deloitte summarised the confusing problem of Artificial Intelligence well: “The field of AI suffers from both too few and too many definitions”.

A Dutch employer employs, inter alia, residents of the UK.  Their place of work is itinerant, sometimes in the UK, sometimes in the Netherlands, sometimes in other EU countries.


I am now a Baptist. In April 2014 I started going to Baptist church and started to pray and speak to God. In November 2014 I was baptised because God gave me an inner peace I never had before.


looking for a NAS drive to attach to our router and be able to see from 2 laptops or remotely


Not a question as such - just an update.

Data-led recruiting has already changed the way professional sports teams and large corporations hire, but now it is extending its reach to accountancy practices.


Please can anyone help with loading a .001 sage back up file received from previous book keeper into Sage one - on line version.  I am new to the online version and there does not appear to be anyw


So we have Now:Pensions with up to £480.00 per annum charges and now The Peoples Pension announcing a one off £500.00 setup fee......