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I've just found LiveDrive that I use for my back-ups has a great app so I can access my files quickly and easily on my iphone when out and about.


A friend of mine is trying to choose between the cloud accounting/bookkeeping software providers, and integrated document management is a feature he's particularly keen on.


We are looking for an online document management system where our clients can upload their tax and accounting documents safely, and also at the same time, we can give them access to their documents


Can anyone from HMRC who reads this please let us know what is going on with the Government Gateway?  According to HMRC's known issues everything is fine and dandy with the service but filing is no


I've posted this question before, but need to update my formula...



Does anyone have an up to date figure on the number of people (%) who use accountants to file tax returns and the number of people (%) who use online software?




Has anyone used the webchat online service yet (it appeared on our our firms HMRC login site)


I asked the chap what  a code 444T meant , he said I needed to ring HMRC!!!!


Are you still using Excel and what are you using it for?


I have  a query regarding Entrepreneur's relief.