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The war of words between NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson and his arch rivals at German software house SAP is one of the IT industry’s long-running executive soap operas.

I got my Amazon Kindle. After some thought and reading the reviews I went for it including the lighted cover. The total cost came to £198.


The Cloud professional services market has taken a turn with the acquisition by accounting software provider of the PS Enterprise online professional services automation software

 I was a huge advocate of QB Accountant 2006 and have run our medium sized media business on it for the last 5 years.


I am looking for suggestions o fa Companies Acrt Disclosure checklist that is software based rather than paper based.



The business benefits of Cloud Computing have been clear for quite some time, so why are companies taking so long to adopt it? Chris Challis reports.


The UK today is a 'surveillance society' and better regulation is needed to protect people's privacy, argued ex-information commissioner Richard Thomas CBE at an address to the ICAEW this week.


The UK government's strategy to roll out superfast broadband across the country could be undermined by a “distorting tax regime which will make it hard for other operators to compete with BT”.


It seems I'm like most other humans, ie unless a risk becomes a reality on a regular basis it drops down my "to-worry-about" list.


As he prepares his shortlist for this year's annual gadget countdown, executive peripherals editor Nigel Harris looks back at the winners from previous years.