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The Department of Work and Pensions and HMRC are to develop a new centralised service to gather and process data and intelligence on fraud and error.

Are people searching less for accountants online?

It's with great pleasure that I can announce the return to these pages of Jon Wilcox, who, after a two-year sojourn with our sister site


As more dotcom giants prepare to launch an IPO, Gail Purvis asks if we're heading for a repeat of the late '90s crash.


After the positive experience I have had with my iPad, I am becoming increasingly tempted by the new Macbook airs.


My approach to client accounts software has always been rather laid back and I recommend and use several different brands (MOA, Sage, Quickbooks, Xero, etc).


Has anyone got any ideas or help?  Trying to use HMRC's CT software to submit accounts, CT600 & computation for a limited company.



I've heard it is possible to apply for membership to be a Microsoft partner under the 'MAPS scheme' and obtain MS Office and other licences for just a few hundred pounds per year.


Evening We are in the process of taking extra office space and additional employee, upto date, we have managed in one room with a shared phone, now we will be in separate rooms and need to be able


The National Audit Office (NAO) sounded a note of caution over HMRC’s plan to trim £1.6bn from its cost base over the next four years. Jon Wilcox reports.