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 VT Transaction knows to which VT accounts to map my imported TB. Can I see its mapping?


In his annual "state of the industry" address, analyst Richard Holway warned of seismic shifts that are threatening the foundations of the technology industry.

Tax and accounting software house Forbes Computer this month claimed to be the first UK organisation to file a set of iXBRL abbreviated accounts with Companies House.

The Cloud Computing movement is often characterised by the number of small, start-up organisations who threaten to steal business away from the industry’s more established names.


Former trainee accountant will find out in the next month or two whether his conviction and £1,000 for posting a Tweet threatening to blow Doncaster airport “sky high” will be upheld.

Contrary to popular belief, the need to embrace the new iXBRL international efiling standard represents a huge opportunity for accountants, argues Mark Davies.


 About to engage with a client who has their accounts on MS Office Accounting. I am planning to convert them to Sage 50 pro.


AccountingWEB members have flagged up a minor bug in HMRC’s Corporation Tax efiling mechanism that blocks submissions that include both PDF and iXBRL format files for computations and accounts.