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Have recently installed Sage Professional as start of New Year is April 2011.

Previously was using Sage as Sales Ledger only but have now swapped over to use it fully.


Two more special intersest groups now have their own areas to share ideas on

The great iXBRL deadline passed without too much fuss on 1 April, but posts on AccountingWEB in the pa


Is anyone a member of AVN. I've received an email introduction for a seminar from Steve Pipe? 


Sorry - stupid question I know but whats the difference between a P14 & P60. I am running my year end payrol routine on Sage and am filing on line.


Cloud-based e-commerce solutions from firms such as NetSuite can slash the costs of integration with standalone accounting packages, according to a new study by

Hello all

Does anyone know why on one particular Sage 50 company the SORT_ORDER column from the Sage.CATEGORY ODBC query would not be populated?


A round up of tips and tricks to help you cope with Excel’s arithmetic foibles.

Why are Excel calculations sometimes incorrect?

A stash of David Carter’s popular articles has been discovered in the ExcelZone archives and reunited with their sample files.

I need to forecast receipts from individual key clients, each having different credit terms.