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Andrew Fourie outlines the key security concerns for employers extending the office network outside company walls.



what are the entries for sage for the cheque payments of an interim dividend - using standard sage chart COA


Chancellor George Osborne dashed the hopes of many IT specialists as his austerity measures took effect in the coalition government’s first emergency Budget.


David Forbes, the UK’s foremost purveyor of iXBRL-based software, is looking forward to the HMRC exhibition of iXBRL Cor


I have a client doing small and quirky IT installation consultancy. Project costs can be in stock components, special components sourced from the internet, own time and bought in consultants.


Acquisitive UK business software giant Sage is on the prowl again, gazumping its rival UNIT4 with a £41m bid for Polish ERP and HR software developer Teta.

In one of one the posting I promised a review of LO.

I am looking for a simple document management system for my personal records. I use Logical Office for business. I would like to keep personal records separately. Any recommendations?


 I just wondered if anyone has come across solution to my problem (or whether someone from Intuit would like to comment - this has happened before and the technical helpline said 'tough')


Andrew Millard offers five top tips for businesses considering their remote working technology options.