I have a client with an office in the Netherlands, writes Nigel Harris, so when I get the records they include a file of PostBank statements, all in Dutch.


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CD-ROM storageResponding to an outbreak of questions about data management and transferring large files on Any Answers, John St


Microsoft DynamicsLike many of his rival accounting and ERP software suppliers at

Always in touchOne of the most hyped buzz phrases on the current technology scene is "unifie

The manufacturer of last year's hardware phenomenon, the ultra-small Asus Eee PC which came with Linux and Open Office already installed, has added Windows XP to the mix with its latest model the E


Public relations is a thankless business, which requires unfortunate flaks to pander to the inflated egos and unreasonable demands of clients and journalists.

Simon HurstSimon Hurst, accountancy's hardest-working Excel lecturer, recently performed his latest material at the Digita confe


SAP this week announced that it would not achieve its target of 1,000 customers for its new, hosted Business ByDesign ERP application by the end of the year.

Lock down Wi-Fi accessAlmost every week, new ways to intercept wireless network (Wi-Fi) transmissions are devised.