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I am starting my own small accountancy practice soon and would like guidance and advice on which packages to use for:


I have just signed up to Skype as I telephone Spain on a regular basis. The quality of the sound coming through to me on my headphones is very clear.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to achieve second signature authorisation for online bank accounts?


Can anyone recomend good and relatively cheap bookeeping software that will also produce invoices.


We don't need stock control or anything overly complex. 


Derek Kelly explains how business can make their mark and manage their brand online by using social bookmarking tools.


Sage's Simon Taylor explores what practices should be doing to prepare for iXBRL.


A program called Seahorse is coming to the aid of UK accountants who are all at sea over the new requirements to handle CT computations and statutory accounts in the online XBRL (iXBRL) format.

PTP founder and TAXtv presenter Tim Good is back in the software business as the founder and managing director of Absolute Accounting, a Biscester-based provider of tax, practice and compliance pro

For close to a decade, financial reporting technology nerds have been investing a lot of time and intellectual activity in XBRL, the eXtensible business reporting language.