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I want to make blog postings here on AccountingWeb.  The editor for doing so is awful.  In particular, I cannot add pictures to appear in the correct places in the text - only at the very top, wher


I need to buy a laptop for a user with slightly impaired vision and arthritis . 


A monthly round-up of highlights from our sister site,


We have recently signed up to use logical office and training scheduled for february. We need advice from any users about the scanner we can buy to scan our documents.


Just how important are range names?

 It’s official: AccountingWEB is addicted to Twitter! Below is a taster of some of the week's highlights.


Bolstered by its triumph as AccountingWEB’s Gadget of the Year for 2009, the iPhone co


Four former directors of the health sector software house iSoft have been charged with consipiracy to make misleading statements.

David Coverdale outlines how to minimise the disruption to your business during the adverse weather conditions.


Hi everyone


I am an IT contractor (installation, repairs etc) who has recently expanded into recycling.  My question is this: