The recent net phenomenon where abstract graphs and diagrams are used to illustrate pop lyrics such as 'Never Gonna Give You Up' inspired this tutorial from Simon Hurst on applying some of the


With access to brodband internet connections now widespread, the UK's business community has grown up in its attitude to information security, according to the biennial BERR/PricewaterhouseCoopers

Mobile phoneIn recent weeks, AccountingWEB readers have expressed growing concern about the security of their mobile phones and

Calculating the Benefits of Cost-effective Printing
by Dave Willcox, Applications Solutions Manager, OKI Printing Solutions


Simon Hurst offers a primer on they whys and hows of using Excel's various sorting and filtering mechanisms.

Microsoft WindowsWindows is too "monolithic", claimed Gartner IT analysts Michael Silver and Neil Macdonald last week.


ExcelZoneExcel is a part of the daily life of the accountancy profession, but poses significant risks if it's not integrated wi

To conclude his series on kitting out a new practice, Simon Hurst discusses the hardware, printers, scanners and other office equipment you will need to operate effectively.


International tax/practice software and information group CCH has added a pair of paperless modules to its ProSystem practice suite. John Stokdyk reports.

At the end of March, the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation released a draft version of its taxonomy for international financial reporting standards (IFRS) statements rendered