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I would be grateful for any help on which way to go between Xero and Kashflow. I really cannot decide since they they are both good.

Do you have any views?


I'm looking for a way to protect certain sheets on a spreadsheet file, whilst still allowing the user to open and close "grouped" rows and columns. Anyone know if this is possible and how?


A resident of the Californian mountains, Daniel Ferry must have a lot of spare time on his hands.


PivotTables aren't just for show. Simon Hurst shows how some subtle enhancements in Excel 2007 can help you managed aged debtors better.

In response to an Any Answers question on AccountingWEB, Simon Hurst offers some advice on what to do when your Windows PC expires.


In spite of growing its revenues by 12% in the second quarter of its latest financial year, German enterprise software giant SAP is trying to fend off analyst and user discontent by putting more em


In the second part of his series on personal knowledge management, Stephen Bynghall loo


As part of an energy efficiency campaign we intend to replace  kettles with a machine to deliver hot water for one cup of tea or coffee at a time.


Want to make the most of your interactions on Twitter? Read these top tips on how to actively engage your followers.

The chief executive officer of HP, Mark Hurd, resigned on Friday 6 August after a disciplinary board determined that he had violated the company’s standards of business conduct.