The internet is awash with moans and complaints from Windows XP users who have encountered problems installing the operating system's Service Pack 3. John Stokdyk reports

A Parliamentary ambush has handed new powers to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) allowing the privacy watchdog to impose fines on organisations that "deliberately or recklessly" violate

The stakes continue to rise in IT's never-ending game of industry consolidation. Microsoft's $44bn bid for Yahoo!


Traditional packaged software "is over", according to CEO Marc Benioff, who brought the software as a service company's bandwagon to its first international user event at London's Ba


CODA joins the CloudCODA has entered the on demand applications market with the release of CODA 2Go, an implementation of its f


I have a client with an office in the Netherlands, writes Nigel Harris, so when I get the records they include a file of PostBank statements, all in Dutch.


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CD-ROM storageResponding to an outbreak of questions about data management and transferring large files on Any Answers, John St


Microsoft DynamicsLike many of his rival accounting and ERP software suppliers at

Always in touchOne of the most hyped buzz phrases on the current technology scene is "unifie