Described on its website as “Accounting for the rest of us”, FreeAgent is unusual among the current explosion of SaaS accounts solutio


Accounting software as a service reviewAccountingWEB's internet accounting expert Nigel Harris takes a breather from his compute


SAP customers are up in arms about the software giant's decision to scrap its existing support offerings with a more expensive version. Stuart Launchlan of reports.


Microsoft appears to be considering the possibility of a life after Windows, judging from news reports about Midori, an new operating system "incubation project" taking shape at the company's Redmo


Business applications are changingSilicon Valley consultant and management guru Geoffrey Moore recently warned delegates at the

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As predicted by experts at the beginning of the year, online social networking sites have become targets for


I'm not an account - just the MD - and we have a subcontractor manage of our finance.

Buddy, can you lend a hand?Rather than rehashing well known business clichés, technology editor John Stokdyk seeks out suggestio


Microsoft must be concerned about public acceptance of Windows Vista, judging from the publicity surrounding the user test results for a fictional new version called Mojave.