IT services and computer/printer manufacturer HP has teamed up with Research in Motion (RIM) to create web service that will let BlackBerry users ouput documents to a local printer.

online dataAt the recent Digita annual conference, Nigel Harris met the president and CEO of Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounti

A long-running spat between Kashflow and Sage has subsided, with an agreement by the SaaS vendor to remove pricing comparisons with Sage from its website.

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IT industry association unveils a new further education certificate to counteract the decrease in computer course applicants. Jon Wilcox reports.

Last September's proposals to cut mobile roaming charages across Europe have been passed by the European Parliament. Jon Wilcox reports.

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Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, has announced a raft of supporting measures to develop low carbon industries, green technologies, and digital communications, as part of this year’s b

Cost efficiencies and a renewed green technology agenda find themselves hand-in-hand at this year’s budget.