A failure of the system?A habitual reluctance to get to grips with information technology is one of the accountancy profession'


The Employer's CD-ROM distributed by HMRC to all employers, described this week by


The online Excel management system eXpresso has moved from the test phase to commercial fruition with the launch of a $79 a year eXpresso Pro subscription service.

SoftwareAn accountancy software tradeshow is an unlikely destination for excitement, and Softworld Accounting & Finance in

MicrosoftOn 21 February, Microsoft went against the habits of its corporate lifetime and put into the public domain a mountain

This is for readers of AccountingWEB who use Sage MMS (or Sage 200 as it is now called).


A catalogue of payroll providers and points to watch in 2008 prepared by technology editor John Stokdyk.


UK accounting software developer Access has introduced what it claims to be the first program that monitors a company's carbon footprint as part of standard accounting processes.


Decision-making based on a single version of the dataFollowing last week's analysis of the business intelligence

The department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform has appointed banker and former Cable & Wireless chairman Francesco Caio to lead an independent review into the provision of next gr