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To accompany its new FileCabinet paperless system, tax and practice developer Digita is

Even as Chancellor Alistair Darling talked up the UK's digital economy during his Budget speech, he announced a £500m cut in government IT programmes over the next two years.

Digita’s eighth annual conference last week saw several hundred people come together, Digita customers mixing with the company’s sales and software development teams, sharing suggestions and gr

I have a PDF of my letterhead and need to amend some details.


just picked up a professional services style client who is a "time and materials" plus related cogs -

they have bought sage50 already! and started to set it up

Internet marketer Nikki Pilkington looks at the different roles SEO and social media can play in marketing and suggests how to get the best out of both.


KashFlow, the award-winning Cloud accounting application, and its CRM counterpart R

Some useful advise about presenting business information in “dashboard” formats came our way via Andy Pope’s Exce


A client would like to use VT, but uses a Mac and doesn't want to swithch.  I know that VT software is not designed to be used on a Mac, but believe there is software that can be downloaded to enab