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The Cloud business applications firm has released a new tool to help business automate revenue recognition for multi-element sales.


I have been using QuickBooks 2006 Accountant but recently i tried to enter stock quantity 171,197 value 590 each.


I am starting to us Arithmo online bookkeeping software.


Simon Hurst assesses the case for adopting the new version of Microsoft Office.


In another tutorial from our sister site, US Excel trainer David Ringstrom shows how to make multiple lines of data in one cell appear across the adjacent columns.

Home secretary Theresa May this week promised “a Millennium Dome's worth of savings” during the second reading of the Identity Documents Bill that will bring the national ID card scheme to an end.

Microsoft’s new data analysis tool has rekindled a long-running debate about who should control business analysis projects.

Has anyone seen the (free) "Guardian Anywhere" app for Google Android phones ?


Cloud accounting supplier KashFlow has teamed up with Absolute Accounting to create a path from client books through accounts production to efiling the final accounts in iXBRL format.


 One of my clients has been approached by Merlin Business Software (trading under the Chatsworth Computers name) regarding a stock control/ integrated accounts system for use in their Ironmongery s