I have been playing with this software for a while and have come to the conclusion that it’s brilliant!

It's fair to say that the latest version of Acrobat has got a bit of a mixed reception from reviewers.

There’s a kerfuffle going on about a Peninsula report that claims Facebook costs UK plc 233 million lost hours per month, the equivalent of £130 million per day - a claim that was repeated by media


NB2BC surveyAccountants have yet to embrace


The UK release of QuickBooks 2008 introduces Microsoft's SQL Server database to give the accounting application greater capacity, better stability and access to a catalogue of third party applicati


With seeming inevitability, the last remaining independent OLAP database developer Applix has received a $306 million offer to become part of Cognos, one of the world's leading business intelligenc

Described as “a streamlined money management application for UK freelancers, contractors and consultants who want to escape spreadsheet hell”, online service

There’s a new competitor in the entry-level accounting software market which could give Sage a run for its money.


If you have a spreadsheet containing a lot of numbers, it will be easier for managers to read if you round them to the nearest thousand.


Windows users will get another opportunity to jump aboard the Microsoft upgrade merry-go-round next year, when it plans to introduce a new service pack for Windows Vista.