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More and more businesses are using social media as a marketing tool, but with increasing use of this medium comes the risk of committing one of several common 'sins', explains Elaine Clark.


Mid-market business software group Access unveiled its Cloud computing strategy at Softworld in London this week.


After a long wait, five Windows Phone 7 models will reach the UK’s shopping shelves before Christmas.

HMRC was spared any large scale spending cuts in the government's Comprehensive Spending Review, but the department is expected to make efficiency savings of 25% through enhanced use of new tec


I am encouraging clients to do their own bookkeeping. This is working well by clients using VT.


In part two of her IT advice column for sole practitioners, Anne Fairpo offers some ideas on how to get from paper to electronic documents.


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Facebook's largest apps, which collectively boast tens of millions of users, are capturing personally identifiable information about Facebook users and sha


Can anyone help me with this? I have downloaded the VT Transaction software for a free 60 day trial and have been playing around with it but am having problems with opening balances.


The only reason I have a home landline is because of broadband. Like most, I use my mobile. I am thinking about getting rid of the landline at home.