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We have around 10 staff i our office. We are a manufacturing business, and, these days not enormous telephone users. Very little use is made of the phone in our production areas.


I have been approached by a Ltd Co contractor who provides services via an agency.


Following the introduction of new EU VAT rules on digital services, tax authorities across the globe have begun to implement similar schemes.

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Hackers raid the government gateway

If you wanted to present a defining image for the cloud accounting revolution, it would probably be the online data dashboard.


Sage has launched a new service called Sage Payments that enables small and medium sized businesses to make domestic and internation

Neatly, a new Newcastle-based management reporting dashboard, has just emerged from beta testing and, according to its founder, will be followed by many others.

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Quick question to make sure I understand something Sage has told me regarding Sage Drive access from an accounting reseller's perspective.


We have a new client who is under an IVA - we want to set up a Ltd Co for his new venture, can anyone recommend a bank who will open an account for the company with him as a Director and shareholde