So here's a bit of Friday fun - since it's October I want to know, what's the scariest thing that's happened/biggest fright you've received while working?


The Payroll Champion category of the Practice Excellence Awards attracted top talent from a diverse mix of entrants ranging from payroll service specialists

The Technology Champion section of the Practice Excellence Awards attracted entries from some well-known and less well-known faces across the profession, ranging from sole practitioners to larg

Innovation is a new category introduced for the 2014 Practice Excellence Awards and brings together entrants from firms of all sizes.

Hello everyone,

We face the following non-standard situation.


Does anyone have any experience of payroll software which deals will Net of Foreign Tax credits?


AccountingWEB members got a bit competitive recently, with the launch of an expenses management game on the site from Kagazz. 


Hi, could any body please recommend a good book for the design, implementation and management of a purchase order system within a company? Thanks in advance.


Uk company registered in UK(metal distributor) is in contract with a German company . The EU company pays the UK company a commission for tonnes sold in Uk.