I have recently started using Xero and although I was initially impressed I am now starting to see a few limitations with the software, regarding fairly basic tasks so am wondering whether I should


I have recently been awarded a lot of business plans to do and looking at how best to tackle them and wondered what you guys did for them.


Company has orindary shares split 75:25 between 2 directors. Now want 75 A's and 25 B's, just completing the various SH forms now.


Client wants to donate through his company to the Scouts and to a Junior Youth Football Club. I'm OK with the Scouts being tax deductible but what about the football club.


One of the most common questions on AccountingWEB concerns the most suitable accounting software for small businessses.


Supermarket chain Morrisons had a week to forget when its lacklustre annual results were followed by the appearance on the internet of personal payroll infor


I have a client on Xero whose business seems to be too big for Xero to handle - bank transactions - supplier payments and customer receipts take far too long to enter and reconcile.


The race is on for the the most comprehensive and user friendly online solution.

The runners are Xero, QBO, Sage 1, FreeAgent, ClearBooks, Liquid, Freshbooks, probably many more.


Is it worth upgrading from Excel 2007 to Excel 2013?