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Taking time out from the hectic January rush, how are other accountants in practise planning to advice clients, specifically company directors, on the new dividend tax rules from 6 April?


Can anyone tell me name of software which allow to submit return online without submission of 64-8 (not a lot time left for 64-8)


We are considering offering cloud computing services to our clients.


In the past five years, massive open online courses (or, MOOCs [pronounced ‘mook’]) have blossomed into an attractive route for accountants looking to diversify their skills.

We are looking to update our current accounting software (Sunsystems v5), and intend to look at the alternatives:

I am aware of:

- SunSystems v6

- PS Financials


Just wanting a bit of comfort on this.

I'm completing an application for NEST - when I'm filling in the percentages to be deducted, I put 1% for the employee, don't I ?


I have a client who currently runs payroll on moneysoft from the desktop in their main office.


A client owns a property in France, which is a second home, in that it isn't let out and is just used by them when they visit.  They have installed solar panels on the property and are selling elec


I am wondering whether IFA will gain a Royal Charter any time soon?