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I am chair of a charity and an accountant. We use Sage 50 and Sage Drive so I can prepare management figures for the charity.


Accounting Web are teaming up with Clear Books to bring you a well deserved members meet up.


I have a client who had the unfortunate misfortune to be visited by the new Sheriff's in town "the record inspection unit".


Hello, I have signed up to Xero partner program. I have one new client who will begin to use Xero and I was also attracted with free access to my own Xero account.


Hi Folks

I am wondering if anybody can recommend any good reading material on 'Property Taxes' either text book or e-book?

Thanks in advance.


We are going to try using iris cloud hosted by a third party and it seems a good time to update sql also. Please does anyone have any experiences of using iris with sql server 2014?


I'm just looking at various bookkeeping options for a new client (sole trader, plumber).  Client has been keeping records (good quality) on Microsoft Money but is concerned about what happens if it