Mid-December has seen the launch of not one, but two all-new accounts production packages.

What's the best way of batch input purchase invoices (or other date) to Xero?


I foolishly suggested the use of xero and stitchlabs to a client who runs an Amazon and eBay trading business. It has been an embarrassing debacle from day one.


We have a client that has been successful on one of the crowd funding sites.  They expect to have 250 new shareholders.  We need to submit allotment of shares forms to Companies House, maintain the


ICAEW Tech 04/08  Section 5:25 covers Enhanced Due Diligence, and an example is electronic searches.


I have a client who now has £26,000 in a savings account mostly accumulated from compensation she received in a court case. The compensation is not taxable in any form.


I'm in charge of the apps section of our annual Christmas gadget countdown and am looking for your help


Good Afternoon. Could anybody advise me on a relatively cheap (or free, even) simple to use cash flow forecast software please? Thanks in advance.


This sequence of tutorials has looked at different Excel functions and features that can be used for adding up and otherwise evaluating values:

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