It’s the time of year when I think about my training requirements and as an ICAEW accountant in practice I have traditionally received my training face-to-face, either from Mercia or Smart Training


Client were the guarnator for an associated company who had to pay out on it and the company it was the guarantor for has since been liquidated.


When one clicks on a purchase invoice in suppliers the detail of any payments etc is shown below.  Is it possible to print this out and if so how?  Any help acknowledged and appreciated.


Simon Hurst delves deeper into the reporting and visualisation capabilities of the Power View add-in for Excel 2013.

I have been trying to register some new companies , but am gettig a lot of knock backs from CH inc service on the grounds that my proposed names are too similar to existing companies.



I am trying to do a bank reconciliation in Sage (after having inherited a set of accounts from a former accountant).


Customer relationship management is the latest technology to promise a competitiv


I see a lot of adverts for the new URL extensions are coming out now. Does anyone think they are the future and worthwhile or are they just hype.


I have moved cashflow from excel into sage 50 forecasting 2007.