I have a ltd Company, and I have a general manager run te company and due to his negligence or error there is a situation where an indctment is issued against the company, then is the director resp


I have two new investment company clients and need to prepare both accounts and corporation tax returns for these. 



Three days to go - and the power's off !!

No broadband so I'm using a back-up dongle (which is surprisingly good, actually).


We are in an office block, our broadband costs have increased to £30 from £20. 

The reason for the increase is because our usage has gone up by 5GB. 


Hi all


I have a new client who has over £3,000 tax to pay. Last year she received a refund. I have found out previous accountant put in provisional return with estimated self employed income.


I have been trying to file my accounts using HMRC's company tax returns, but unfortunately, I just found out that there is a service issue with the software.


The Revenue is trialing GOV.UK's Verify service, their Identity Assurance (IDA) alternative, to allow taxpayers to access its self assessment service.


I have not been able to file any Full Payment Submissions this week using 12Pay.  I've tried turning off my firewall in case that was the culprit.  No problems filing SA and CT Tax Returns.  Any id