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Like many accountants I am sure most of our clients use either Excel, Quickbooks (Desktop) or Sage (Desktop) but there is no denying that the cloud is the future.


Mostly using Xero as a cloud based option but does anyone have any recommendations regarding free software for people who don't want to pay for Xero or wouldn't get value from doing so?


Updates to QuickBooks Online (QBO) and other cloud accounting engines are becoming global occasions.


A friend of mine was recently arrested he was having a drink with some friends at a bar when the bar was raided by the police.


A friend of mine has been a UK resident since 2001 and he is not UK domiciled. His mother who was non-UK resident passed away and left him a very expensive piece of diamond.


Is it still tax efficient to increase directors salary from £8,060 to £10,600 if no income with the exception of dividends say £60k pa.


I've just got a few Income & Expenditure Account (generally those without business bank accounts) clients to begin using Sage Record Keeper app.


I have a client who is setting up a retail car parts business.


Enrolsme, an online auto enrolment guided solution aimed at small and micro businesses, has officially gone live following a recent soft launch.