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Hi there

Is anyone else having problems submitting RTI returns?

Also not allowing me to log-on to the Government Gateway using both ours and a clients login details


I'm going for a job interview on Thursday.  The last one I went for was in 1989, so it's been a while and things have changed, no doubt.

Has anyone got any tips ?


We have just started to use outlook tasks for certain key things i.e. if we want to assign an important job outside the normal workflow.


Has anyone else picked up the ‘as a service’ element of Windows 10?


VAT opinions would be welcome on the following scenarios please, in which we will be invoicing a company in Malaysia.


Can someone tell me whether digital supplies over the internet to non EU and Non UK customers are exempt supplies or zero rated supplies?


Hi, does anyone here use Tolley Guidance?


Around 600,000 direct debits and other payments were held up by a computer processing problem,