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Japanese technology giant Toshiba overstated its operating profit by 151.8bn yen (£783m) over a six-year period - three times as much as initially anticipated.


I was at an ACCA software event last week and met a couple of accountants who were assessing the possibility of using the latest cloud accounting programs for their charity clients.


Despite my preference to be 'digital first' I filled in a paper 64-8 and submitted it to HMRC on 8th May, for Corporation Tax and VAT.  The CT authorisation now shows in my online list, but not the


We have a new client that has a cleaning business, currently they only use excel and a basic invoicing software to keep their records.


Does anyone have any experience of  It has been suggested by the staff of a small business that I am talking with.

The impact on of technology on accounting practice has been profound, and is being driven by accountants who are willing to grab hold of the latest tools and apply them to challenges firms and

Entries across the board to the 2015 Practice Excellence Awards demonstrated all sorts of ways to innovate within accountancy practice, and an amazing commitment to adopting the latest technolo

In a return to spreadsheet design and presentation techniques, Simon Hurst begins his exploration of report formats with a look at numbering conventions.


We've just had a client tell us that their friend has moved to a accountant that uses cloud accounting.


Does the traditional high street storefront still have a role in the digital era?