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Congratulations to Ben Cooper who is this week's winner with:


Yee cannie be serious



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The CEO discovers AccountingWeb has revealed his identity

Martin Tingle | | Permalink

Martin Tingle

Caption Competition

falconer99 | | Permalink

Does nobody care about Andy's allergy to strawberries?

Wimbledon just wasn't ready

falconer99 | | Permalink

For Andy's version of the haka

pushtheriver's picture

Expletives deleted

pushtheriver | | Permalink


bencooper's picture

Local translation

bencooper | | Permalink

Yee cannie be serious

sluglet's picture

Last Nights Curry

sluglet | | Permalink

After a short loo break Andy remembers just how hot last nights curry was.

Note to Pictures Editor

dotbowkett | | Permalink

I think we can go with this one whether Andy wins or loses!

What a week!

dotbowkett | | Permalink

Wimbledon, lockjaw and constipation all in the same seven days!

Swiss Toni's picture


Swiss Toni | | Permalink

Ronald Angus is looking forward to using the new look accountingweb!

puzzel's picture

Losing It

puzzel | | Permalink


Andy @ Wimbledon

Anonymous | | Permalink

No more curried eggs for moi

What? No Swiss Toni?

Martin Tingle | | Permalink

Welcome back Swiss
Martin Tingle

Andy's dilemma

Bosctax | | Permalink

And so we leave Wimbledon with our gallant loser trying to swallow a Rubik Cube and hand you back to the newsroom

MSwiecichowski's picture

Rules of Tennis #139

MSwiecichowski | | Permalink

Rules of Tennis #139 - If your serve is disrupted by a wasp, do NOT attempt to catch it with your free hand.

nogammonsinanundoubledgame's picture

A rare comment at Wimbledon

nogammonsinanun... | | Permalink

"Better out than in"

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

We all knew the final would be between Roger Federer and someone

falconer99 | | Permalink

And that his surname wouldn’t be Murray

Thanks to Wimbledon

falconer99 | | Permalink

Sales of Robinson’s Barley Water have gone through the retractable roof

All that money for the retractable roof

falconer99 | | Permalink

Worth every penny if it stops Sir Cliff from singing!

DMGbus's picture

My tax bill is how much ?!? ***!

DMGbus | | Permalink

My tax bill is how much ?!? ***!

Not working

kevlaw | | Permalink

With raw aggression ultimately proving futile, Andy Murray vows that next year he'll hire Mel Gibson as a coach, and wear a kilt.

Murray Mania

Anonymous | | Permalink

You try paying a £5m mortgage on semi-finalist's pay!

What a racket

Tremorman | | Permalink

Andy realises wearing his girlfriends thong was a mistake.


kevlaw | | Permalink

Word gets around that Tim Henman has charged strawberries and Pimms to Andy's account.

After thought

kevlaw | | Permalink

Others at the fancy dress ball suggested Andy Murray could have given a bit more thought to his Incredible Hulk costume.

Democratus's picture

One more time

Democratus | | Permalink

The cry of "come on Tim" seems to have had an unexpected effect.