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Caption competition 13/11/09

Michael Caine hit the red carpet this week for the premiere of his new film, Harry Brown, in which he plays a retired Royal Marine who dispenses vigilante-style justice to the young thugs who murdered his friend.


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They wanted Michael to stay in the Navy

falconer99 | | Permalink

But Caine mutinied

National Service?

falconer99 | | Permalink

I think the youngsters would feel even more let down when they got killed.

But we've already got National Service, Michael

falconer99 | | Permalink

Well, there's certainly no Health in the NHS ...

GaryMc's picture

Caine to Haye

GaryMc | | Permalink

Stop throwing those bloody left hooks at me


Anonymous | | Permalink

 After weeks of searching the police finally uncover CCTV footage of the cockney pensioner who has been assaulting hoodies in the South London area.


Tremorman | | Permalink

Caine and Able

sluglet's picture

Gangsta Rappa

sluglet | | Permalink

It wasn't until Michael got to the second verse of "smack my bitch up" that he realised he'd forgotten the microphone.


mikewhit | | Permalink

"We're auditioning for a movie about people getting revenge after being made bankrupt by libel cases ... it's called 'Get Carter-Ruck' "

Democratus's picture


Democratus | | Permalink

Critical acclaim for Michael's new two man stage version of Zulu.


(With apologies to the Reduced Shakespeare Company.)

wrong song

mikewhit | | Permalink

Hang on,"Smack my bitch up" was by The Prodigy wasn't it, not a 'gangsta rappa' - or have my Imperial spies deceived me ?