Caption competition 21/08/09 | AccountingWEB

Caption competition 21/08/09

No, they haven't released a new Star Wars film set in Surrey - this is actually a photo of mega movie fan Luke Kay. The dad of four from Swindon has decided to sell his million pound collection of Hollywood memorabilia, as it was costing him a fortune in storage to keep it all.


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NDO Leads to Last Minute Rush

kenfrost | | Permalink

HMRC's NDO announcement leads to last minute rush to declare offshore holdings.

New powers

kevlaw | | Permalink

HMRC inspectors prepare to use their new power to inspect premises


kevlaw | | Permalink

Luke hoped that the rumours of escalating maintenance costs forcing Darth Vader to downsize from the Death Star to a 4 bedroom house in surrey were true.

Robots lose home due to new HMRC rules

PaulFeagan | | Permalink

R2D2 and C3POs days were numbered after they lost their self-employed status. Apparently they were unable to supply HMRC with a National Insurance number.

Talking Car for Sale

PaulFeagan | | Permalink

KITT for sale after HMRC rule that 'fighting crime' does not constitute business use of a vehicle and question The Knight Foundation's charitable status.


kevlaw | | Permalink

The global recession had generated far more interest in the gardening job than had been expected.

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Full powers

ShirleyM | | Permalink

HMRC stipulate that they will use all available powers to ensure tax evasion is terminated


falconer99 | | Permalink

May the farce be with you

How did you know?

falconer99 | | Permalink

All the furniture in our house is made from pine wood, yes.

After Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" comes the sequel

falconer99 | | Permalink

Luke Kay Basterds

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mcgregorian | | Permalink

I'm keeping my first edition SSAP9 - some things are just too precious to part with.

“It just started off

dotbowkett | | Permalink

As a few gnomes,” said Mr. Kay

Er, no, I haven’t got Darth Vader

dotbowkett | | Permalink

The wife wanted the bits back for her vacuum-cleaner

Mr. Kay went over to the dark side

dotbowkett | | Permalink

When he forgot to pay his electricity bill

Luke had been inspired by the huge white letters on the hill beh

dotbowkett | | Permalink

Which spelt out the word 'Cricklewood'

House for Sale

AlanHaley | | Permalink

Luke is showing prospective purchasers the new double glazed windows.

Caption Competition

Doug112 | | Permalink

What with the middle class feeling especially squeezed in this recession, Gordon Brown's idea to house intergalatic refugees and to give them Han-douts is expected to make him even less popular.

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Democratus | | Permalink

It's not much of a life Jim.

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Complete the sentence

Democratus | | Permalink

Cardiff is to Torchwood as Swindon is to ...........


The 1% Domestos missed...

Karen Watson | | Permalink

Mrs Pottipher had left it just that bit too late to call in the man from Dyno-Rod.

Local Housing Lists

Quintans | | Permalink

Look, we can't accept any more out of work actors in this Council House.

Light Sabre

CP Fyfe | | Permalink

Mrs Kay's neighbours misheard her invite to pop round for a little light supper.

Slug killers

CP Fyfe | | Permalink

Despite the federation behind him, Mr Kay's garden slugs just got bigger and bigger.


Tremorman | | Permalink

Charlie Dimmock, Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh get back together for a new series of ground force, but they haven't aged well.


Tremorman | | Permalink

Luke celebrated the safe return of his garden ornaments even though they had been missing for over a year, he claimed he had received postcards from Pluto Neptune and Mars from them.

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Noisy Neighbours

sluglet | | Permalink

Police arrive to find that this isn't your run of the mill complaint about noisy neighbours. Suddenly the pepper spray seems more than a little inadequate.

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Democratus | | Permalink

Luke disputes his "Johnny no mates" tag with a garden party for all of his friends.