The ghost of Christmas parties past | AccountingWEB

The ghost of Christmas parties past

Fans of AccountingWEB's CEO Diary may remember the notorious Christmas 2003 office party that paved the way for the FD's ultimate rise to CEO. Other organisations, too, are waking up to the problems that can arise when normal behaviour is sidelined by seasonal booze.

As a representative example of the issues that can arise, our sister title

uncovered the following memo alerting employees to the risks posed by their Christmas party.


Office memo

Dear employees:

We are organising the annual Christmas party, and a Mr Klaus has agreed to be our entertainer. After last year’s party (by the way, congratulations on the baby, Miss Smith) we thought it would be a good idea to lay down some ground rules so we don’t get into trouble with any of this equality stuff.

1.    Don’t tell Santa he’s fat. We don’t know if this is from over eating, or caused by some kind of medical problem. But we don’t want him to raise a disability harassment claim against us – so just don’t mention it at all.



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