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I provide strategic advice and tax planning to many of our clients, both businesses and individuals. I love to take a holistic and creative approach to financial and tax problems to find effective solutions which work. I co-founded Camerons with Alan in 1994.I have over 30 years experience as a private client tax specialist. Business clients particularly value my clarity when reviewing where their organisation is going and how to get there.

A Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor, I am ultimately responsible for ensuring all the teams deliver exceptional service to clients - a daily challenge I thrive on! In my spare time I enjoy reading, growing things and spending time with friends and family and am involved in leadership at my church.

Specialties:I work with creative clients and talk with them in their language not technical tax jargon.
I offer tax planning advice on a range of issues including
capital gains,
share options,
inheritance tax,
residence and domicile issues,
retirement planning
expatriate planning
advice to business owners for growing their businesses
cutting edge use of IT
tax advice for FCO, British Council, DIFD and other UK Government officers 

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