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I am Financial Director and joint shareholder of Sett Software Ltd (From Jan 2012) a rapidly growing software development company. I am also self-employed acting as a part-time Financial Controller  and business consultant for a number of SMEs (From April 2013).

I worked for a company called KAG Ltd as Financial Controller from Oct 2003 to April 2013. I still work there as a external Financial Controller for about 8 days a month.  I am responsible for 3 different organisations within the group. The group has 30+ employees and a turnover of around £2.5M.

I have always worked in the SME sector and enjoy the responsiblity of being the "Finance expert". I always get the greatest job satisfaction when I can see the benefits of reviewing the accounts leading to good decision making in Management/Directors meetings.

I am currently starting up in practice with the aim of helping small / medium sized companies make the most of their potential by producing & reviewing Management Account information. I have wide experience of management issues that arise in this size of company and so I am able to advise on various opportunities and issues that may arise that are not purely financial in nature.

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