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David Winch B.Com, F.C.A. has had over 30 years experience in accountancy, audit and tax matters with a wide variety of firms and their clients ranging from the smallest to major multi-nationals. David is a director of MLRO Support Ltd http://www.MLROsupport.co.uk a company which offers guidance to money laundering reporting officers in accountancy and legal practices, and joint author (with Janet Bazley, QC) of 'Money Laundering for Lawyers: the new requirements and their practical implications' published by Butterworths (2004). David is also a director of Accounting Evidence Ltd http://www.AccountingEvidence.com forensic accountants, an experienced expert witness, a contributor online to AccountingWEB and Criminal Solicitor Dot Net and in print to the New Law Journal, the Solicitors' Journal and other publications and a speaker at conferences and training events as a nationally recognised authority on money laundering, proceeds of crime and confiscation. David has appeared on national television and radio on several occasions in connection with the investigation of financial crime and misconduct. David has a particular strength in criminal litigation, acting as a key expert, at different times, for both prosecution and defence teams in criminal cases. Since September 2015 David has been a director of Bartfields Forensic Accountants Ltd.

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