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My intention is not to offend, so don't be offended - but I don't suffer fools gladly (I don't like the competition).

My comments are either sensible answers to sensible questions, they are p**s takes for lazy questions or they are just rants about the absurdity of modern life. If Gordon Brown hadn't nicked my pension I would be off doing something useful by now

I am just a fifty something accountant prematurely aged by red tape and litigation avoidance. If we cover our backs as the ACCA/ICAEW/government wants, apart from not being able to stand under the weight we would have no time to actually do any work.

The only satisfaction is that I never have or never will vote Labour, and all those who did - I told you so, I hope you are happy now?

That said, the state of things today I don't know that I will vote at all, unless it is for a military coup - I think General Dannatt has shown he is far more competent than any MP!

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