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TAK Credit Management work with businesses that would like to:


  • Speed up cash flow
  • Reduce Aged debt
  • Reduce the level and risk of bad debt
  • Improve their collections performance

Current processes may be perceived to be working well, however it is often possible to find ways to improve performance and efficiency. If an improvement of 20% would have a significant impact upon your business, then time reviewing process to ensure optimum collection speed is being achieved is well spent.


"Since taking on responsibility for our credit control function TAK Credit Management has reduced our average debtor days by 40%, at the same time reducing our internal admin and retaining our healthy customer relationships."

  • Speed up cashflow by 30%+
  • Reduce aged debt
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Keep cost in line with revenue

White lable service for accountancy firms, increase your revenue per client without increasing your costs, call us to find out more 020 7100 5978

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