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 Paul Nugent is the Principal of PRNCOM which incorporates several business initiatives centred around Tax Compliance and in particular through his on-line business Tax Clinic Hartlepool. Paul was trained for 23 years within the Inland Revenue and then worked as Tax Senior for a firm of Chartered Accountants in the North East before setting up a Tax Bureau in Hartlepool (one of the few towns where the local tax office was closed as part of the cuts in the 1980's). Eventually the business became Tax Clinic Hartlepool, a part of or PRNCOM for short. At the age of 49 Paul acquired a BA(Hons) Education Degree, the subject of his dissertation being  TAX entitled 'The Coffee Was Fine' which was produced at the time when HMRC North Region didn't have a Working Together Group. Now they have - and Paul attends the joint Working Together Meetings. Paul (now semi-retired) is also committed to cross-sector working including work in the Voluntary Sector where there is a great need for people to learn Bookkeeping, Financial Compliance and Accountancy Skills especially for small Community Groups and Voluntary Organisations who cannot afford to engage full time accountancy services. Paul also began a small practitioners group - the AIAA (Associated Independent Accountants and Advisers) which is open to professionals in the industry who generally work alone and/or independently.


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