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Steve has been around accountancy all his life, first writing up cashbooks for his father when he was 7 years old.

Having started his formal training in a regional practice, Steve completed his time with a "Big 4" firm before specializing in Corporate Finance for several years, fluking several promotions and pretending all the time that he knew what he was doing, when he really didn't.

Having been struck by an entrepreneurial seizure, he started a practice aged 28 over a chip shop in the suburbs of a northern town.

6 years later, the practice employed 20 people, turned over around a million pounds and Steve was miserable.

2 years on, he was even more miserable, had three partners and was turning over in excess of three million.

Steve is not the greatest accountant in the world, but he does know how to get clients, win work, build firms and buy and sell businesses... except his own, which he sold in a disastrous deal to his former partners in 2008 who - to this day - have still not paid him and whom he thinks to be the biggest bunch of ******* in the world!

Having drifted through retail, consultancy and forensics for a few years, Steve is today back building a new practice specializing in Sports, Media & Entertainment clients, all of whom are nearly as bonkers as his new partner - a well known sports agent.

Steve has also recently agreed to join another Corporate Finance firm on a part-time basis, which specializes in an area of business close to his heart - and so will no doubt offer the wisdom of his shallow experience through the pages of this site for many years to come.

Steve has been at various times, a part-time soldier, a professional bodybuilder, a personal trainer, a part-trained physiotherapist, a fully trained chef and an almost bankrupt.

His preferred occupation is however pottering, reading the paper and being generally miserable.



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