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Fully qualified (A.C.I.S., F.F.A., F.I.A.B.) and insured accountant specialising in small businesses, self employed and others such as pensioners who need assistance in filing SA returns.

For several years I worked as Company Secretary or accountant to diverse firms, but on realising that I could better serve potential clients, and at less cost to them, I took up self employment. Fortunately my first 2 clients who came to me were employed under C.I.S. (having tax deducted at source) and were not satisfied with the fees charged by their current accountants. I immediately was able to reduce their fees to less than half those of their previous accountant, and after researching previous accounts filed, I was able to pinpoint filing errors and obtain a rebate of over £8000.00 for one, and over £4500.00 for the other. Word of mouth has brought me further clients. I am able to reduce my fees as I work from home, waste no time in travelling to and from a city office, and have no overheads to pay for an office.

As most of my clients work at their own businesses during the day, they really appreciate that I am available in the evening and at weekends.

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