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Paula Gardner is the founder of The Reputation Professionals, which works with CEOs, key employees, thought leaders and high fliers, to raise their professional profile and public reputation.

Paula's background is PR and she has over 20 years experience, many of them as MD of her own agency. She is also the author of PR and marketing books Do Your Own PR, Get Noticed and Start And Grow Your Own PR Company.

Paula is a regular speaker on the conference circuit and has spoken at events including the Everywoman conference and national VA Conference. She has a background in journalism and has written for The Local Government Chronicle, French magazine, The Stage and The Edge, amongst others.

Although the technical sides of reputation building are paramount, Paula’s strength also comes from over ten years of coaching individuals around the subject, and dealing with issues that often include self confidence, feeling vulnerable around social media, as well as nervousness around new technology.

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