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I'm looking for a remote/telecommute job to work from home in Ukraine for British Employer in UK. And I have Natwest(RBS) bank account to get paid, with on-line banking access.
I'm Running own company in exploration of oil and gas, developing full 2D/3D seismic data processing and interpertation software.

Also I do Mechanical Engineering Product Design and Development in Pro Engineer WF and CATIA V5 for Automotive industry.

But do have a bit of free time. So, why not to earn some little money, I guess?

Before worked as Head of Finance and Risk at top-bank in Ukraine, and Country business controller to world leading animal feed producer, cluster in Ukraine. Specialized on: planning, budgeting, analysis, reporting, strategic management, credit risk, internal control and compliance, treasury operatiopns. Fluent in English,Polish and Russian, Intermediate in German. So I suppose I can handle some sort of easy office work on a distance (I mean remotely form home).
As far as I know... many huge international companies do outsource their back-office, accounting, finance, activities. Such as payroll, credit control, accounts payables/receivables control and so on. I can handle it as well.
I'm living here: http://edition.cnn.com/video/?/video/world/2012/07/03/eye-on-ukraine-bla...

Is this possible?

Kind regads,


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