HotDog BK

About me

Learning as I go!


Book keeper for many years.


Banker before that.

Interested in finding out more about online accounting systems...but its a minefield!

Glad that I am a mum of a beautiful daughter so I can bring some more honesty, kindness and fun into this world! She is all those!

Keen to make progress and make everyone know its "done by the book"!

Annoyed at how much the giant organisations seem to be able to play the systems and how little businesses seem to have such a burden in accounting /reporting and legal requirements.

Astonished at how many people dont understand or care in the least, that if everyone cheats then the innocent suffer the most. Everyone should pay their taxes and anyone caught should be denied of any of the benefits in future years.including healthcare and pension etc. Harsh............. but .... I have a soap box!


i could apply same values to many box at the additives and processing!


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