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Mike Sturgess BSc FCA FCCA
Mike is the Manager Director of SWATUK Limited (www.swat.co.uk), and works with accountants to make them compliant, efficient and profitable.
He provides practice management support for firms with a view to improving profitability and accountability within the firm. He has worked with managing partners to help them create written strategic plans with partner KPIs, and has undertaken a number of independent partner appraisals. He runs partner retreats, helps firms tackle specific issues such as decreasing lockup or increasing productivity and recoverability. He also heads up the SWATUK team handling Practice Mergers and Acquisitions.
He is SWATUK’s MLRO and was involved in developing SWATUK’s MLRO Support Service. He is the author of CCH’s MLRO Handbook and has written a number of other books and manuals for SWATUK and for the various Institutes.
Mike is an enthusiastic and entertaining speaker, who lectures widely on practice management matters, money laundering, marketing, the use of IT, and on quality and risk issues and consultancy services. He also runs in-house workshops on sales training, developing cross-selling systems, negotiating skills and other soft skills topics.
In June 2009 Mike became a Council member for the ICAEW, representing the South West district.

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