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Poacher turned gamekeeper, I have worked in the ERP and business management software industry for over 10 years in sales, marketing and project management roles. During this time I have worked with most of the major brands such as Microsoft, IRIS, Sage, SAP and Infor either directly representing their applications or providing complementary solutions which expand and increase their functionality.

I have completed over 40 successful ERP deals in my career, covering a number of vertical markets and ranging from £10k to £250k in size. I was personally responsible for project managing the implementation of more than half those sites.

My extensive knowledge of the ERP market means I can provide a realistic approach to what can be achieved and I have an awareness of the underlying pitfalls associated with system and process change. 

Using this knowledge, in December 2008 I started Recenseo with a trusted colleague /PQ Accountant to deliver  consultancy service to authors, resellers and end users alike regarding the various ERP options available today. 

Recenseo is a business consultancy providing a range of services including:

  • ERP Systems - search and selection
  • Marketing and sales consultancy
  • Interim financial management
  • Pre sales and sales support to resellers and authors
  • Financial report writing skills
  • Proposal/RFI/Requirements analysis - preparation

We work with suppliers and end users alike to help them achieve their business goals and become more efficient through the improved use of software solutions.

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