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My interests involve pets, all animals, and nature in all of its glory. I couldn't live without music, or reading, either. Music feeds my soul. I take the view that we have but a short time on this earth, so I want to enjoy it, but not at the expense of others. Likewise, nature can be cruel, but it is for reasons of survival, and not for pleasure.

My pet hates are hypocrisy, double standards, and selfishness. My faults ... I do tend to be rather blunt and direct with people. I try really hard to be diplomatic, but I don't always succeed. Life is too short to mess about feeding peoples egos and the quicker they face up to reality, the better their own life will be!

I chose a penguin as my avatar because they are comical. The question marks are because I am endlessly curious and I cannot rest until I find an answer to my question. I love a bit of fun and a joke, and I don't take myself (or others) too seriously, as my many friends on AWeb already know, and others have yet to learn  :)

Click on my 'Linked In' button and get some food for your own soul.

More music to feed our souls ....         Morricone - Gabriel's Oboe      Jerusalem - The English Anthem       The Yorkshire Anthem - Ilkla Moor baht 'at

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