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By | 23rd Aug 2019

Some UK Boards Ignoring Cyber Risk

Grant Thornton has been involved in research that has identified cyber attacks as a concern for the UK's mid-market businesses. Grant Thornton says...
Myriad Associates
By Myriad Associates | 23rd Aug 2019

R&D tax relief from patents

In short, yes. Companies are entitled to claim tax relief on any expenditure they have incurred from patents. It forms part of the UK government’s...
Tax Cloud
By Tax Cloud | 23rd Aug 2019

How can R&D tax reliefs help the agriculture sect?

If your client has a company based around agriculture, fishing or forestry they may be missing out on an average of around £45,000 in R&D Tax...
Tax Insider
By Tax Insider | 23rd Aug 2019

Payments made under a mistake treated as rescinded

Contributions to pension schemes made under a mistake as to the tax consequences could be rescinded, and an appeal against the revocation of a fixed...


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