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9am Lowdown: Accountant found guilty in £400,000 fraud

14th Apr 2016
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Good morning. Here is Thursday's 9am Lowdown. 

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Accountant found guilty in £400,000 fraud

An accountant along and his brother have been found guilty for their involvement in a £400,000 Gift Aid and VAT fraud.

Harrow accountant Abu Talib Ghadiri was arrested in 2014 after an HMRC investigation discovered he and his brother made false Gift Aid repayments and also made VAT repayment claims for £47,000 linked to bogus companies.

Martin Brown, assistant director fraud investigation service, HMRC, said: “Gift Aid is there to support and encourage charitable giving, not to enable greedy criminals to line their own pockets. This kind of fraud is illegal, offensive and wrong. HMRC will come down on it hard.”

The two men will be sentenced on 29 April 2016 at Harrow Crown Court.

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Corbyn’s tax return faces further scrutiny

Politicians’ tax returns are still being examined and pulled apart from both parties. Jeremy Corbyn’s tax return is still being scrutinised after he didn’t include his pension contribution.

According to The Telegraph, Corbyn failed to declare his state pension or previous local government pension and a third pension. However, Corbyn hit back at his tax return inspection, telling Cameron: "I actually paid more tax than some companies owned by people who he might know quite well."

Commenting on incorrect tax returns, an HMRC spokesman told the Telegraph: "We expect individuals to complete all the relevant parts of a return, relating to their income, and that all taxpayers ensure they take reasonable care when completing their returns and provide all the information required, including all the relevant supplementary pages."

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Community: Dealing with Mortgage references

AccountingWEB member KungFuKipper has taken to Any Answers seeking help in handling a persistent client looking for a mortgage reference.

Although KungFuKipper doesn’t charge for mortgage references, their client’s three times a week telephone calls are making them reconsider. “This has gone on too long and gone too far,” they said. But what is the best way to handle the situation?

The Innkeeper says that they always charge for mortgage references because “they could be high risk”. They also advise: “You should probably write to him advising him that you will be charging for this work as it has now become too time consuming with all his calls.” Glennzy agreed: “The days of a mortgage reference been a 10 minute job is no longer the case.”

How would you handle this situation? Head over to Any Answers to join the discussion. 


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By rumpelstiltskin
14th Apr 2016 09:50

It was the first thing I noticed

about JC's tax return - the missing pensions. What else has he missed when pensions is the most obvious excluded income?

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